Weight Loss & Obesity: New Low Calorie Nutrition Products, Fitness Equipment

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  • I just attended the IDEA Fitness Convention in Los Angeles and want to share some old favorites and some new trends in nutrition and fitness.


    First up - I know that a lot of people still struggle with a switch from high calorie beverages to plain old H2O. One of my favorite waters with just a hint of added flavor is....HINT. It comes in refreshing flavors like cucumber, watermelon and some other interesting fruit essence flavors and is a zero-calorie pretty simple bottled water. It's available nationwide.


    PureFit nutrition bars are available at health food stores nationwide and they are wheat, gluten and dairy free, vegan and kosher and they have on average 230 calories and 18 grams of fat. Soy protein isolate provides the protein. Find out more at www.purefit.com.

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    Bosu is known for its "half ball" dome shaped apparatus which multi-tasks as a soft surface for aerobic, weight training and balance workouts. They've now created risers to add challenge to the workout buy raising the surface higher off the floor. Indeed the mini-workout I tried was much tougher, but, on the flip side, beginners will find that the raised surface make squatting and touching the bosu easier. Find out more at www.bosu.com.


    SPRI is a company known for consumer-friendly and group fitness equipment especially elastic bands, medicine balls, rollers and mats. There newest piece of equipment just rolling out is the Step360, a round and very forgiving step, formed by a pliable upper surface mounted on inflatable rings (you can inflate one or two based on how high you want the overall height of the step). The system allows you to loop an elastic band through the top so you can do upper and lower body moves simultaneously. It's easily transportable and allows you to store the elastic band and pump in the concave underside. And because it's a round unit and does not have a "long side" like typical step units, you can do easy plyometrics over the top of the unit without stumbling. Frankly, jumping on it is loads of fun!! The unit will price at around $140 and for more information check out www.spri.com.


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Published On: October 04, 2010