Use Childhood Obesity Month as your Springboard

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  • In just about a month, the holiday food fest begins.  Starting with Halloween and stretching till New Year’s Day, you and your family will be enjoying a slew of celebrations that center around food.  With one in three kids in the United States overweight or obese, why not use the next thirty days to create some new habits and behaviors that may help you and your child navigate the seasonal food temptations and endless food celebrations?


    Here are some ideas:

    • Make fruit and vegetables the central theme of meals
    • Have your kids help to find “lighter versions” of your favorite holiday meals
    • Always start lunch or dinner with a salad when entertaining
    • Have healthier, ready-made snacks like washed apples, low fat cheese wedges or part skim string cheese, small bags of natural nuts and seeds, and edamame handy
    • Consider unsweetened hot cocoa and air-popped popcorn as additional go-to snacks
    • When you make a vegetable soup or stew, consider using beans for protein and offer small portions as a hearty snack
    • Take a holiday healthy cooking class with your kids now and learn healthier swap outs for ingredients like salt, saturated fat and refined sugar
    • Be willing to create new memories with healthier recipes and let your kids participate in framing the new holiday menu plan
    • This is a great time to limit screen time and have kids helping you in the kitchen or create a new family rule that for every hour of screen time, there has to be an hour of activity (movement) time
    • Plan before and after family meal “games and walks,” so the focus of the family get together is about quality time

    You can also book a single visit with a nutritionist who has a cooking or chef background.  The investment will guarantee your whole family a delicious holiday season with health benefits!!

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Published On: September 22, 2014