Coming Soon: ObesityWeek 2014 and The Obesity Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting

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  • What do you get when you gather the leading players in obesity research and science, the top experts in metabolic and bariatric surgery, world-renowned speakers, clinicians, educators, advocates, policymakers and practitioners?  Starting November 2nd through November 7th, Boston, Massachusetts will host The Obesity Society (TOS) and American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) at ObesityWeek 2014.  With over one hundred courses and sessions, this event will cover the full scope of obesity issues, including cutting edge science, clinical research, the latest intervention modalities, and the current and future policies that will help to promote better understanding and treatment of obesity.  In other words, as an attendee I expect breaking news, hot topics, and provocative discussions, and unprecedented access to some of the heavyweights (pun intended) in the field of obesity research and treatment.  This is the kind of conference where science and treatment meet, and there will be ample opportunity to gain insight into this challenging disease.

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    This is the second year that TOS and ASMBS have decided to join resources and locate their annual meeting in one central location.  Obesity has remained and extraordinarily challenging disease, so it makes sense that these two groups share and interact for the common goal of better prevention and treatment of obesity and its related diseases.  The timing of the conference follows our health chat on October 29th highlighting the Your Weight Matters campaign, sponsored by the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), a non-profit organization almost 50,000 members strong, dedicated to giving a voice to the individual struggling with obesity and its associated issues.  The Your Weight Matters campaign will have a presence at Obesity Week 2014 in Boston, and you can “take the challenge“ no matter where you live. 


    Some of the recent research covered by TOS includes news stories like:



    What are some of the highlights planned at the event?  Presentations including the obesity stigma in healthcare (practitioners may indeed be guilty of bias and prejudice when interacting with obese patients), state-of-the-art bariatric surgery post-surgical care, intercepting childhood obesity and building a culture of health, nutrition for the bariatric patient, managing weight through the lifecycle, how inflammation and metabolism interact, how children’s food preferences are influenced by social and cultural elements, how and why obesity entrenches in families and persists through generations, and the latest pharmacologic agents to treat obesity, are just some of the topics and research highlighting the event. 


    I will be front and center at the conference, covering the news as it breaks and sharing by twitter (directly on the HealthCentral @health_tips as guest contributor) and Facebook in real time, as well as after the event, in my November shareposts. 


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Published On: October 17, 2014