Wednesday, May 04, 2016

All People Who Are Living In "united_states"


matthewc, Community Member

Stuggled with ocd all of life, now living again with minor ocd.


Hi just checking to see if anybody needs help with their ocd. The time you decide not to do a ritual is when you are truly in control.


Bri-6579801, Community Member


School and in need of understanding with these migraines not sympathy

Hi im Briana and im 16 years old and i have chronic migraine headaches along with sinus and tension headaches. I hate this it has completely taken over my life and time.
I found out I had bad when I was 11 years old after my menstural cycle but they werent as frequent so I didnt bother with the doctor. I never had so much... Read moreChevron


Cyndi, Community Member


mesh complications

I had surgery in Aug 2011 and I was implated with mesh for a rectocele repair and a bladder sling. This has been nothing but an ongoing nightmare for me.  I still have chronic pain, stress incontinece, recurring uti's and blood in my urine. It hirts to sit or to lay in bed for long periods of time and... Read moreChevron


newstart09, Community Member





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BerserkeRA, Community Member


I went on an RA Safari (and yes, there are lions there)

Long story short: My current meds leave a lot to be desired.  A week ago, I was in to see the rheumy, and commented that I didn't think the sulfasalazine was working very well (and neither is the humira, but heck it's only been 3 months on that -- also, I'm currently taking 30 pills per day, and have a topically applied treatment, plus a... Read moreChevron