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Kelly_44, Community Member


My Story

I have been wanting to post on this site since I knew it existed but have been feeling I guess a bit shy to do so in fear of feeling more "crazy" than I already do.  But after reading Teri's book I decided I wasn't alone in how I feel and how migraine has affected my life.  I got my first migraine headache as a teenager and recently... Read moreChevron


Thank you to the group!

I need to say "Thank You" to this group!  About this time last year one of you posted that you were on an anti inflamatory diet - which I had never heard of and knew nothing about.  Well after reading more than a few books  - 11 months later my joints and I feel a lot better and maybe even close to great! This is now my... Read moreChevron


Jolene, Community Member

I am 18 and i made this accountt to find out what these small itchy bumps on my skin are!:/


I have Small itchy Bumpss on my inner thighs, stomach, and a few other places. they itch so bad that its uncontrolableCryRead moreChevron


speedydan77, Community Member

73, mostly healthy, retired but very active physically

New book Primal Panacea

A friend of mine who I believe may be searching for the fountain of youth

sent me a promo on a new book Primal Panacea.  The short version is that

the book recommends high doses 50 to 100 GMS Vitamin C.  This will

prevent every disease known to man.  Their promo suggests that lots of

studies have... Read moreChevron


Becca, Community Member


:( My migraines changed suddenly

I started to get migraines at 12, about 1-3/year. Moderate pain starting in the back of my head and slowly moving forward encompassing my entire head w/ some photophobia and phonophobia and mild nausea. Never had to take medicines since they were so infrequent and excederine migraine would seem to help.

I deployed to the UAE... Read moreChevron

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