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colts35, Community Member


is this depression and anxiety? please share if you feel same

for the past 2 years i've experienced almost daily bouts of dizziness. i get alot of pressure in my head. at times it feels like im in a dreamlike state. often i can feel my blood pulsating through my body and become very aware of my heartbeat. when i check blood pressure is always fine. i also feel like my body is trembling but outwardly im... Read moreChevron


babygirl27, Community Member


Am I selfish

So I have a question and i'm not sure what to do. Please help me.

Back in August of 2011 I miscarried my baby, now my husband has said that he dosen't... Read moreChevron

Eric J. Hall

Eric J. Hall, Health Guide

AFA Founder, CEO

Government’s Pledge for More Alzheimer’s Disease Research Funds Holds Promise

The only way to fight Alzheimer's disease, to fight any disease, is to put money behind it. We've seen that with cancer, with HIV/AIDs-and, now, we're starting to see it with Alzheimer's disease.

The federal government's announcement that it will redirect $50 million into Alzheimer's disease research this year and its inclusion of... Read moreChevron


Sage, Community Member

55 year old guy living in San Diego. Migraines for 46 years.

May I share my migraine success with you?

I've had migraines since I was six - I learned all my triggers and got pretty good at managing them.  I did lose some days when I was lost to world with migraine and wanted to kill myself a few times from the pain but I coped.  When I hit my mid 40's the migraines morphed a bit. ... Read moreChevron


SerenityChic29, Community Member


Do you carry your pills with you through out the day?

I have Chronic pain and take medications through out the day. Sometimes, I will put my afternoon pills in a little pill box and put it in my purse instead of carrying all of my bottles. My purse would be packed:) 


Anyway, I read a post about people who use the 7 day-4 slot (morning, noon, evening and... Read moreChevron

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