Monday, September 01, 2014

All People Who Are Living In "united_states"


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Just had a revelation: I am not OK.

I came to this realization probably at the worst timing: while I was taking practice exams for the MCAT (medical college admission test). I am currently chest deep in studying for the MCAT, which had been happening for 3 months now. All was going well until about a month ago, my practice scores went down hill. The most recent one I completed was... Read moreChevron

pamela, Community Member


It's been a long time!

I finally got a job. When I went to the orientation after I was hired I found out that it was minimum wage pay!!  First uh oh/disadvantage. Then I started working. The first couple of days I had to walk, an hour, across town, cross a busy intersection to get there. I liked the woman I first worked with though she complained alot and let... Read moreChevron

Symptoms of Ra

Hi everyone, I have been experiencing major stiffness and joint pain in my feet, knees, shoulders, neck, & fingers for a few weeks now. I've had a MRI on my neck - I initially went in for neck and arm pain. Nothing on the MRI - physical therapy ordered. Then I had knee and foot pain - nothing presented itself on the x-ray. Then, my primary Dr... Read moreChevron

cooknwoman, Community Member

I am married, have 2 children, 1 granddaughter, 1 grandson due in May. I am adopted searching for birthbrother born 10-20-1953 Denver, CO. bfather lives in Tulsa with 2 sons that I have never met but wish I could

Woke up with skeletal pain today

I woke up this morning with the usual foot pain and all over body pain but also horrible skeletal pain – it felt like I could actually see my skeleton in my mind. It took me several hours of more sleep in my recliner along with the usual bunch of pain meds to cool it down. This happens to me every so often – or should I say every TOO... Read moreChevron

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