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cindy, Community Member

Outreach specialist; counselor

Attitude is Everything!

What are some ways people have found useful to change negativity in your life to positivity? Did the change to positivity help improve your general health (improve daily aches & pains as well as headaches?) Thanks!

jessica, Community Member


Please Help

I made an appt with another neurologits to get a second opinion on my brain white matter brain lesions. The medication the neurologist put me is not helping at all. He put me on Topamax 100mg a day and Fiorcet as needed. My blood pressure has been extremely low and I have not been feeling good at all. I tend to have my words mixed up, not able... Read moreChevron


Booboo711, Community Member

Arthritis Foundation Ambassador KY District 5 to US Congress Male Aircraft Mechanic and Reliability Analyst Living with RA

The hard lesson learned when I stopped my meds..

I have had my times where I have reappeared and disappeared from this site. This time it is more of a story of triumph than of dispair. It started after my meds were changed and I started to feel so much better. After I changed my meds I started training again for the Scottish Highland games. I trained for the Caber Toss, hammer throw, stones,... Read moreChevron


Kaye, Community Member


Chronic Pain

I'm new to this site, not sure where I should post this, I will try general and go from there. I find myself in intense pain daily.  Started with a pain management doctor for medicines to get my pain under control as 8 to 10 Vicodin per day just wasn't helping.  I am sure some of my pain is from several back and neck surgeries.... Read moreChevron


chronicstatus, Community Member


New to the group!

New and looking forward to sharing experience and support to my fellow migraine sufferers!


I am currently on Day 8 of a status migraine. My doctor had me try Migranal last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but it did not "break" my migraine. I'm currently getting by with Ultram. I am afraid he is going to say its time for... Read moreChevron

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