Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Rebecca H

Rebecca H, Community Member


YAY...new meds

So I went to my new PCM today for an unrelated matter and got onto my migraines. He put me on  amitriptalyne (starting at 25mg), I have maxalt and more imitrex nasal 20mg, and fioricet. Hopefully these will work. I have been having constant headache leaning on the wanting to go into migraine mode since my last migraine attack on 21 Feb. so... Read moreChevron

Eric Klieman

Eric Klieman, Community Member


the latest bout

Hi I haven't written in a while. I was hospitalized for two nights about a month ago. They didn't feel I needed to be admitted but I felt much better in the hospital. The same old same old. I've gradually been getting better. I'm an Integral yoga teacher now adays, which I love and taught what I think was a really great class last Sunday night.... Read moreChevron


Ducky, Community Member

RSD 15 yrs, as well as fibromyalgia, ctd and cfs and polyclcemia

Lost my son, lost my will to care anymore

My son lived with me for years after being in the Air force caused some problems, and he self medicated with street drugs which in turn did alot of mental damage.

One  morning, I woke and I seen he had been up, and waited for him to come out and have coffee with me as he usually does, I waited for over an hour, a part of me did... Read moreChevron


Kelly_44, Community Member


My Story

I have been wanting to post on this site since I knew it existed but have been feeling I guess a bit shy to do so in fear of feeling more "crazy" than I already do.  But after reading Teri's book I decided I wasn't alone in how I feel and how migraine has affected my life.  I got my first migraine headache as a teenager and recently... Read moreChevron


Thank you to the group!

I need to say "Thank You" to this group!  About this time last year one of you posted that you were on an anti inflamatory diet - which I had never heard of and knew nothing about.  Well after reading more than a few books  - 11 months later my joints and I feel a lot better and maybe even close to great! This is now my... Read moreChevron

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