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Nick Burke

Nick Burke, Community Member

writer, health nut, surfer

The Rise of Obesity in the U.S.

Obesity has practically become the norm in this country, and there are plenty of side effects to this reality. Health care is shouldering much of the burden, especially Medicare. Obesity continues to rise- last year, not one single state saw obesity rates drop. In fact, 31 states have an obesity rate over 25 percent. This is particularly... Read moreChevron
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yaneena7, Community Member



Hello every one,  I'm 50 yrs young married for 24 yrs and have 5 children all left the nest now except one, our 14 yr old son. I teach preschool K-4 and suffer with weather related migraines! "Yes" I can tell you when it's goig to rain or snow 1-week to 2-days before it happens "I feel like a weather man" Example: on 1/5(Thursday) @ 12:00 I... Read moreChevron
Kimberly 1975

Kimberly 1975, Community Member

We have a grown son and three cats

Isn't thirty years enough?

I've had diagnosed migraines for over thirty years now; been treating them with specialists since 1991. I haven't bounced from Doctor to Doctor, but I have moved on when the treatment appears stagnated, or I'm recommended to someone more experienced. But as time goes on, and I've tried virtually Everything presented to me (other than surgery,... Read moreChevron

Kurt, Community Member

Age 60


This note is for the Teri Robert's Migraine site. (I have followed Teri's forums since Usenet, her site, not sure if she ever did Delphi Forums, then called Delphi, now here.)   I take a nitroglycerine tablet as emergency dose if I suffer a bad acid attack, actually it is an esophageal spasm related to GERD. The symptoms are just... Read moreChevron
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Hollyk, Community Member

Christian, mother of 6, horse lover

Breathing issues-related or no

My MS has been on a rampage of late-stress can bring it on as can illness and I got hit with both.  The scariest thing was that I awoke from my sleep unable to breathe-I couldn't move air out or in.  It only lasted for a few seconds; but felt like forever and it came back little breaths at a time; as if my lungs had deflated and it took... Read moreChevron

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