Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Dr. Cindy Haines

Dr. Cindy Haines, Health Guide

Fitness Expert

A Duck Dynasty Revelation

Today I was reminded of the whole Duck Dynasty controversy over religious views articulated in a way people found offensive.   My daughter is doing Girls on the Run, a confidence and self-esteem building program for grade school girls based around a 5K training regimen. I picked her up from practice and asked her what the lesson was today.... Read moreChevron
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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

FDA Approves Convenient Opioid Overdose Antidote

The number of opioid overdose deaths has been rapidly increasing over the past two decades. According to the Center for Disease Control over 37,004 died in 2010 compared to 16,489 in 1999. In order to curtail these alarming figures, lawmakers have tried a “war on drugs,” public health education campaigns, and stricter prescribing laws.... Read moreChevron
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Lisa Emrich

Lisa Emrich, Health Guide

Musician, Patient Advocate, Author of 'Brass and Ivory' blog, and Founder of the 'Carnival of MS Bloggers'

Hot Topics and MS Research News for March 2014

Statin Drugs Reduce Brain Atrophy in Secondary Progressive MS Statins, or cholesterol-lowering, have been studied in multiple sclerosis for years with varying results.  In a recent phase 2 study, researchers noted a 43% reduced annualized rate of brain atrophy (shrinkage) in secondary-progressive MS (SPMS) patients (n=140) taking 80mg... Read moreChevron
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Nutrition Label Reading 101: Sodium, Fats, and Serving Size

If you've already checked out Part One of this discussion, you know that my goal is to help you to make a quick assessment about the many foods you encounter in the supermarket (especially processed foods), so that you know whether to grab it and assess the label a bit more, or leave it and move on.  I've covered "initial decisions," and... Read moreChevron
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Terrific Story from the Caregiver of a Schizophrenic

Kas Thomas, a technology writer and evangelist, has written a moving post about his relationship with Sally, a schizophrenic on his blog:   It's worth a read.
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