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Kimberly Cacey

Kimberly Cacey, Health Guide

I'm kind of a dork.

Managing Stress and Your Diet

When you have piles upon piles of insecurities due to your weight, things such as bills and family can increase your stress rate to, oh, I don't know - 9,999,999%. It's especially bad if you're like me, a 19 year old girl. Which is basically keyword for 'young and stupid and completely unable to budget her stuff'. Teenage girls already have... Read moreChevron

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Kara Bauer

Kara Bauer, Health Guide

Health & Wellness Coach

Weight Loss Success with Raw-Live Vegan Food

As most of us who have struggled with our weight know, the majority of the time diets don’t work. No matter how hard we try or how much willpower we have, when we follow the latest dietary advice, our long-term results often fall short of our hopeful expectations. Many times this leads to frustration, anger, and a feeling of failure,... Read moreChevron

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Jason Chiero, CPT

Jason Chiero, CPT, Health Guide


Weightloss for Obesity: Core Activation Workout, Movement & Functional Stability

Welcome back!  This is my  5th shared post focusing on obesity and movement/exercise. In my last post I spoke about adding "Core Activation", to your regular movement/exercises that you enjoy.  I... Read moreChevron

Dr. Jeffrey Heit

Dr. Jeffrey Heit, Health Guide

Fitness Doctor

Is There a Magic Pill for Weight Loss - Revisited

About a year ago, I wrote a two part blog regarding whether or not there was a "magic pill" for people who suffer from obesity. I went down a laundry list of medications that have been approved for use to help people lose weight. Toward... Read moreChevron