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ok now i have gotten upset here your sitting there calling ppl all these names an judging ppl when you have no idea what most of us are going threw YES i understand that some ppl are just lazy and dont want to try they just want an easy way out  but most all of us that are here an talking about our problems with our weight if you read all of them like i have an am still doing now you will see that WE HAVE HEALTH ISSUES of some sort that is keeping us from doing everything we can to lose weight  we are not just sitting on our lazys butts as you say an stuffing our faces we are trying other thing but we cant lose the weight or if we lose the weight it come right back or you just get to a point where you body just stops losing weight ani no for a fact this happen i live in texas we haev a place here called quick weight lose center i lost 70 pounds in 4 months there but they tell you that not eating enough a day causes weight gain an you body goes into starveation mode and you gain weight not lose it also they tell you that if you have been at the same weight for a long time your body have a memory an you can start losing weight but once you get back to the weight you body remembers last that you have been at for so long you get stuck an cant get under that weight so please dont reply here on a site liek this one an talk to these ppl that you dont even no an start juding them becase like me i got hurt at work over a year ago at WORK my back is messed up pretty back if the injections i am tryting now do not work for me they are goingt o have to do surgery on my back so no i cant just JUMP UP AN RUNN 2 MILES anymore but i am doing the best i can we all are here but ppl like you are why we come to this site am talk to other ppl in the same shoes as we are because you make it look like we do NOTHING at all to lose weight