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I am a 37 year old female. I have tried everything from a to z and I am getting no where I am on a diet and been on everyone you can name. I am 398 pounds. I can say I been fighting this for years. I can`t get help, I have tried . my husband has stayed on the phone everyday for 6 years with people that don`t care for u they just want that money.. I have 4 doctors that say i will die within 5 more years if I don`t get surgery cause i have tried everything I can. I am not able to walk far cause of my weight. I have 4 disk in my back that's messed up. I am on a c-pap at night cause I stop breathing.. I have realized there's no help for people like me. I have turned it all over to God. I have made my peace with him. I will be home with him very soon. Good luck to everyone out there I hope the best for u all...