• tmohammed24 tmohammed24
    January 09, 2010
    Does medicaid cover gastric bypass
    tmohammed24 tmohammed24
    January 09, 2010

    yes i would like to know if medicaid covers gastric bypass i am 248 and am 24 years old it started when i was 14 i weighed 98 pounds the day of my birthday and then with in 1 to 2 months i went up to 185 and stayed that way until i became pregnant for my first child. and then after i gave birth i went back to 185 and then got pregnant for my second shild and i lost weight i lost like 20 pounds and stayed that way until i gave birth and then i gained weight and then i lost weight and now im gaining like crazy i have not had red meat in 2 months and im not eating junk foods i now eat veggies oh and they are really good i eat skinless and boneless chicken most of the time and once in a blue moon i have turkey but mostly chicken so there was a time when i fasted for 1 whole week instead of losing weight i gained weight. so someone please help me and let me know if gastric bypass is covered by medicaid oh and i have bipolar disorder and they said its my meds but because of my mom dying and all that i just forgot to take them and i have not taken them in 2 months. in the mornings im so weak and tired i dont even want to get out of bed i sleep like 12 hrs and you can tell im not getting enough sleep cuz my under my eyes is dark.




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