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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 ArRosey, Community Member, asks

Q: I am overweight and have bad knees help

I am a diabetic 5'3" and 335.  I have lost 80 pounds over the last year but the losssing is slowing down to nothing :(  I have had 3 knee surgeries over the past years. I have tried walking but both of my legs give me great pain.  What type of exersise can I do to boost my weight loss and not put me in pain? Is there a way to keep from having a flap of skin/fat sag below my waist?

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The HealthGal, Health Guide
10/29/08 11:52pm

if your skin elesticity is poor and that's why you have the skin flap, then you may have to haveit surgically removed - I would use support underwear while continuing my weight loss.  Why not try a water robics class - very easy on the knees, recumbent cycling at a gym and even an elliptical machine at a gym which tends to be very forgiving on the knees. 


good luck

Cindy, Community Member
11/ 6/08 11:54am

Water aerobics, water walking is the best choice.  It takes all the pressure off the knees.  I have arthritis in both knees and hips and can no longer do alot of things. Being overweight does not help but I have found getting in the pool and walking has helped alot.  Find a lap pool because usually its the same height all throughout the pool.  Start slow, you will be surprised.  You get alot of resistance from water aerobics and burn alot of calories while not adding more pressure to the knees.. Good luck

deb j, Community Member
11/ 9/08 4:58am

I too am over weight and have bad knees, try swimming at the Y.  Very low impact and can be alot of fun, don't worry about what you look like now, keep focused on the benifits of exercise.Cool

heartbroken_lady, Community Member
1/31/10 1:35am

I am overweight and my knees have gotten so bad I can barely do anything. Life doesn't seem worth much anymore. My husband is only interested in 18 year old models he sees on the internet. He doesn't care for me but I can't leave as I can't work due to my health. I am in so much pain. I feel so ugly. Worthless. I can't see going on in this level of pain for much longer. I have talked to myt family Dr. who just tells me to lose weight by working out. He doesn't know how bad my pain is obviously...I can't even get to the washroom without a cane or a walker and he expects me to do jumpng jacks. I've become depressed and have basically given up. I'm alone in my bedroom while my huband sits in his home office drooling over models that would not look twice at him either. I am heartbroken. I know this sounds like a pity fest but I am being honest about how I feel. The leg and hand pain is so bad.


I would love any suggestions from anyone. Please help me.

Nat22, Community Member
8/ 6/10 12:03pm

You can't give up on your self.  Although I am not going through the same thing (but well on my way) you need to start moving.  Start by walking to the front door, then maybe the next day a little bit further and so on and so on.  Take baby steps and celebrate every little bit you do.  Maybe start writing down what you eat for a week.  After a week take a look at your food diary and start cutting down.  Make one change per week so it isn't overwhelminmg!  You will loose weight and start feeling better about your self!  Talk to your doctor about the pain maybe he/she can help. 


After you loose weight dump your husband that sound very nonsupportive!!


Do it for yourself!!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Tor, Community Member
1/28/11 12:09am

I am slightly over weight found out today the reason my legs give out because of bad knees and hips are bad too! I felt bad and now know that I have to really take care of myself.   Love your self and keep believing in yourself you can do it. We all that wrote comments all have bad knees and hips but we can take good care of ourself and still live

a prosperous life. 

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