• lyn lyn
    March 09, 2011
    my sugar has been running around 127 and 6.1 to 6.4 for about a year now. My question is should I be taking medication?
    lyn lyn
    March 09, 2011
    I have high blood pressure which is under control with medication, high cholesterol controled by medication and I'm on zoloft. Does zoloft contribute to any of these conditions? Also my age is 62 READ MORE


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    Hi Lyn,


    These are excellent questions for your doctor or other medical professional.  We are not professionals here and can't give medical advice.


    I looked up zoloft's potential side-effects and did not notice any that it could contribute to any of the conditions you list.  But you can ask your pharmacist for more detailed information on that.

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    I can tell you that some antidepressants can cause an elevation in your blood glucose levels. But medical questions like this are best answered by a healthcare professional.


    Along those lines, have you discussed this condition with an Endocrinologist? Generally speaking, and again I am not a healthcare professional but I do have diabetes, levels such as this are classified as pre-diabetes. I'd urge you to get your condition under control before you become diabetic, because there is no cure for diabetes -- it is irreversible once you get it.


    From personal experience, I can say that exercising and losing a few pounds might very well put your blood glucose levels right where they should be, plus help control your hypertension and cholesterol. I want to caution you that diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol are a serious combination of diseases that occur together to significantly raise your risk for other diseases such as heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Please talk to a healthcare professional for more information.


    My personal experience is that I was obese and had diabetes and hypertension. My triglycerides were high. My LDL and HDL cholesterol levels were bad. I was on five medications including insulin but my "numbers" (my levels) were never good. Well, after making lifestyle changes that caused me to lose weight, I got off all of those medications, including the insulin, and my numbers all are good and in the normal range. I no longer have hypertension. I do have diabetes, because as I said it never goes away once you have it, but it is managed without medication simply by eating right and exercising. It has been 7yrs now since I lost the weight and my health has not been this good since I was a teenager.


    Good luck.


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