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Terrific Story from the Caregiver of a Schizophrenic

Kas Thomas, a technology writer and evangelist, has written a moving post about his relationship with Sally, a schizophrenic on his blog:   It's worth a read.
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OK, We’re Fat; Now Do Something About It – A Chat with Mr. Rishabh Mehrotra of Wellnation

Much has been made of the burgeoning obesity crisis in America, as well it should be. Consider this: the 2009 Obesity in America report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that our thinnest state - Colorado with a 19 percent obesity rate - is actually fatter than our fattest state in 1980 - Mississippi with a 15 percent... Read moreChevron

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I have been taking Synthroid for over a year now. In addition to that I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago. So mix the Synthroid with the Estrogen and turning forty and the recipe is a flop. It has taken me 18 months to lose 10 pounds. I have 40 more to lose, but at this rate it will take me 6 years to lose it. I have taken the nutrition classes,... Read moreChevron
Jason Chiero, CPT

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Weightloss for Obesity: Core Activation Workout, Movement & Functional Stability

Welcome back!  This is my  5th shared post focusing on obesity and movement/exercise. In my last post I spoke about adding "Core Activation", to your regular movement/exercises that you enjoy.  I also identified 5 benefits of core activation.  In this shared post I am going to be talking about how adding Core Activation to your... Read moreChevron
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2009 Colorado Health Report Card Documents State is Failing Children’s Health

The 2009 Colorado Health Report Card, released today by the Colorado Health Foundation, documents that Colorado continues to fall behind in important areas affecting children’s health. Key indicators track the health status of Coloradans in five different life stages, and this year’s report shows that the biggest declines occurred in... Read moreChevron