Obesity Quizzes

Find out what you know about food, fitness and more with our obesity quizzes. In the war against weight, knowledge is power.

Featured Quizzes

  • 2009 Obesity Statistics
    The CDC just released their 2009 adult obesity statistics.  How much do you know about obesity in America? 
  • Dispelling Common Diet Myths
    Deciding what diet is a good fit for you can be at best frustrating. Here's a quiz to test your knowledge of the latest research on dieting and nutrition.
  • Eating Out Smart
    Here’s a quiz to see if you know how to eat out without blowing your diet and those precious lost pounds.
  • Smart Ethnic Food Choices Quiz
    When it comes to ethnic food, the rules for calories, fat, sodium and cooking styles can be truly challenging. Here’s a quiz to test your ethnic food smarts.
  • Food Label IQ Quiz
    Plowing through a food label can be challenging for people who want to watch their weight. Here's a quiz to see just how well you know the food facts.