August 2010 in Review

CRegal Editor
  • On this, the last week before Labor Day, we must stop and remember the great summer that we just had. Wait. What?! The summer is over!? I, for one, do not approve.


    What did we cover this month at My Osteoarthritis Central? 


    Common Injuries Mistaken for Osteoarthritis by Chris Regal


    Where is the Pain? by Christina Lasich, MD


    Travel with Osteoarthritis: Tales from the Road by Pattye Snyder


    Low-Tech Suggestions for Pain Relief by Daniel O'Neill, MD


    Pain, Arthritis and Famous by Christina Lasich, MD


    Are there any topics you would like to see going forward?  Let us know!

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    Hope you all had a great month - see you in September!

Published On: August 31, 2010