Arthritis Awareness Month

CRegal Editor
  • I just wanted to pass along some information on Arthritis Awareness Month taking place here at HealthCentral!


    First, I want to call attention to an article about the Arthritis Foundation and how they are trying to bring awareness to the fight against the disease. 


    Next, I would like to announce a contest being held on our sister page,  The prize is a CVS gift card - perfect for all of your arthritis relief needs!  All you have to do is answer a question about arthritis (in 200 words or less).  Check it out - what do you have to lose?


    The fight against arthritis is not limited to the old or young, nor men or women exclusively.  Arthritis affects everyone, and it is part of our jobs to bring light to the condition and how it can be addressed.

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Published On: May 10, 2011