5 Tips to Keeping Your Arthritis New Year’s Resolutions

Grant Cooper Health Guide
  • As you likely know, I am hopeful that some of your New Year's resolutions will be for an even healthier new year. That means staying hydrated, eating a well-balanced, anti-inflammatory diet, taking supplements when appropriate, and staying active and pain-free. Of course, making a resolution is one thing, keeping that resolution is another. Here are 5 tips to help you keep your New Year's resolutions.


    1. Pick resolutions that are consistent with your most deeply held beliefs. I have talked about this before -- to make lasting changes in your life, it is important to feel connected to your core values and make the changes you make in your life be consistent with, and reflect those core values. If staying healthy is a core value, and if you feel connected to that core value, then not eating a big steak but eating a piece of fish and a garden salad instead will be consistent with what you truly believe. Acting in accordance with your beliefs takes much less energy than forcing yourself to do something you think you don't want to.

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    2. Make small changes. Small changes add up. Before you know it, many small changes mean a big change in your life. If you try to "bite off too much" at first with too big a life change, then it is much harder. If you want to obtain a healthier diet, I would suggest that you start with a healthier breakfast. Once it is routine for you to have a healthy breakfast, take it for granted that you are always going to have a healthy breakfast and work on having a healthy lunch.

    3. Tell your family and friends of your resolutions. Having a supportive network of family and friends is always helpful for you to achieve your goals. Let them know what your resolutions are and let them help you achieve them by gently reminding you when you might stray.

    4. Don't give up! If you stray once or twice from a resolution, don't throw in the towel. Get back on that horse and ride to glory! Rome wasn't built in a day. Making lasting change is not always easy. Don't be too hard on yourself if going everyday to the gym is your resolution and one day you miss going to the gym. But, of course, don't be too easy on yourself either. Tell yourself it's alright, just do a better job tomorrow!

    5. Consider getting a resolution partner. If going everyday to the gym is your resolution for the New Year, consider enlisting the help and support of a partner in that resolution. Go to the gym together everyday. Just make sure that whomever you get as your resolution partner is as committed to success as you are. Having a resolution partner who is only invested half-way will likely hinder you rather than help. Find someone who is focused, committed, and driven... just as you are!


    I wish you all the very best New Year. Here's wishing us all a year of hope, happiness, prosperity, and above all good health!


Published On: December 31, 2008