Home Remedies for Arthritic Pain

  • Got a painful joint that has been nagging you, but you do not want to go to the doctor? Maybe you need some helpful home remedies that might ease your pain. Although these solutions probably will not cure your arthritis, these solutions can take the edge off the pain just enough to make life tolerable. And if you can avoid seeing the doctor and keep doing what you love to do, then all of these potential solutions are worth a try. No prescriptions necessary, no white coats or needles; these home remedies might be just what your doctor would order as the first steps towards arthritic pain relief.

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    Because arthritis involves the skeletal joints, body mechanics play a very large role in joint comfort. Joints bend certain ways, connect bones, and provide motion to the skeletal system. So when something as mechanical as a joint stops working, the first thing to try is some mechanically-based remedies. Instead of squirting a little oil or tightening up a screw, the mechanical parts in the body require a different type of tweaking. Starting with basic body mechanics, avoiding certain postures or movements can rest a painful joint. A painful neck usually feels better with the shoulders back and chin tucked. A painful back usually feels better with less twisting and bending. And do not forget to improve your sleep posture and sitting posture. Given enough rest and time to heal, some arthritic conditions can be greatly minimized or cured. Other times, an assistive device might be needed to help rest a painful joint even further. A cane, for example, can reduce the workload on the knee joint by at least 10%. Around the house, you might find other helpful tools like jar openers, reachers, and grab bars. All of these devices can give you a mechanical advantage over arthritic pain.


    Like most mechanical things, joints and the soft tissues within the joints are sensitive to temperature. Another simple home remedy for arthritic pain is temperature regulation. One of the best natural pain relievers available is ice. Cooling down a joint before, during and after an aggravating activity like shopping can significantly reduce pain by helping to control swelling and inflammation. However, cold conditions can also aggravate arthritic pain. So other times, the use of heat can help to improve flexibility and motion of a joint. Gloves and paraffin wax systems work really well for arthritic hands. Heating pads are very soothing for aching backs and necks. Just remember, activity related pain usually needs to be cooled down while winter pains usually need to be warmed up. Experiment a little to find just the right temperature for your painful joints.


    When altering the mechanics and temperature of a joint does not help, you may need to turn to other solutions available without a prescription. Solutions that help control inflammation.  Inflammation is a basic chemical process in the body which causes pain. In turn, methods of controlling inflammation are very effective pain relievers. Of course, you can always treat yourself by using anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID's) at your nearest drug store. But, before going to the drug store, consider food as a valuable remedy for pain. Many foods promote pain and inflammation like sugar and flavor enhancers. And many foods choices can help control inflammation as well. This principal is known as an Anti-Inflammatory Diet. By avoiding foods that trigger pain, lowering the glycemic load and rebalancing the ratio of omega 3's to omega 6's, you will be well on your way to controlling arthritic pain naturally. Add a few herbs like turmeric and seaweed, and then you might even be able to cure your pain.


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    None of these home remedies promise a cure for arthritic pain, but just a little relief can help you avoid a trip to the doctor's office and make life livable again. By solving your own problem, you will also feel a very powerful sense of independence and accomplishment. Nothing feels better than getting back to doing what you enjoy the most-living. When providing mechanical assistance, temperature regulation and inflammation control does not help, what do you do? You might have put life on hold until you can seek medical help and take the next step down a treatment pathway.  Home remedies are a great place to start as long as you know when to say when.


Published On: June 02, 2011