It feels like arthritis, but is it?

JB Editor
  • It feels like arthritis, but is it?

    Osteoarthritis is common in Americans, but it's sometimes blamed for creaky knees and achy hips when another illness is the culprit.

    A recent study led by Boston University School of Medicine researchers found that many adults' knees "give way" or "go out" while just walking or climbing stairs. But it's not always because of arthritis. Half the people in the study who experienced knee buckling didn't have arthritis.


    Generally, arthritis pain is described as aching or stiffness. Sometimes, osteoarthritic joints make noise: crackling or popping. There is also often loss of mobility. The pain may come and go -- bad spells can be followed by periods of joint pain relief.

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    It's important to be informed of the most common symptoms of the ailment and to be familiar with some of the more effective methods for detecting arthritis. That way, you and your doctor can find the most effective treatment for your condition.

    For example, the most common osteoarthritis sympton is joint pain that worsens with activity and eases with rest. The pain is generally achy and the joint is stiff. It may get worse when it's humid.

    As for knee buckling, the researchers suggest that exercises that strengthen the quadriceps (the muscles on the front of the thigh, above the knee) may help with that, with or without arthritis.

Published On: May 02, 2008