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JB Editor
  • Our new interactive HealthCare08 tool -- focused on the upcoming presidential election and each candidate's platform on healthcare - has officially launched! You can check it out here: HealthCare'08.


    No one knows about health care issues better than you. You live with your illness, you care for loved ones and you deal with doctors, nurses, pharmacists and insurance companies all the time.


    You know what the country needs in health care reform. Now here's your chance to see what the candidates have to say about the health issues that matter most to you - from covering the uninsured to drug prices to prevention and chronic disease management.

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    Some of the site's features include:


    • The ability to see how candidates differ on six major health categories, including drug prices and universal healthcare.
    • The ability to find detailed information on each issue including an explanation of important words and terms.
    • The ability to read how we built the site and gathered all the information.
    • The ability to plot yourself, based on your own views of health care reform, on the graph with the presidential candidates. You may be surprised who you land closest to!
    • The ability to see where our experts stand and read what they have to say about health care reform. These are the trusted doctors, nurses, parents, advocates and patients you read on our sites all the time.

    If you feel strongly about an issue, comment on an expert's SharePost or write your own right here.


    Check out the tool and share it with others. We are constantly working to improve all our features, so please let us know what you think of it!


    Joy Buchanan

    Content Producer

Published On: January 16, 2008