Have Your Say on the Presidential Election

JB Editor
  • Healthcentral.com's interactive Web site Healthcare '08 is now featured on WashingtonPost.com!

    Here's your chance to reach a global audience with your views on the 2008 election and health issues.

    We want to hear from you about Health Care and the 2008 Presidential Election.

    Do you want something done about Drug Prices, right now?

    Do you want the candidates to pay more attention to environmental issues that could be affecting your allergies and asthma?

    Do you think Prevention of chronic illness is an ignored health care issue?

    Which candidate has the best plan for health care reform?

    We want you to tell us and make your voices heard in this historic election!

    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:

    All you have to do is write a SharePost about your opinion, concerns or complaints on the issues or the candidates.

    Choose a topic from these six categories

    Healthcare Reform
    The Uninsured
    Drug Prices
    Stem Cells

    and tell us what you think about them and how they relate to your condition.

    We'll choose the best THREE SHAREPOSTS and place them with the candidates and our experts on our Healthcare08 site, where you can find more information about the candidates and their health reform proposals.

    Please submit your SharePosts by Feb. 28.

    Follow this link to submit your SharePost.

    Follow this link to Healthcare08.


    Thank you!


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Published On: February 03, 2008