World Arthritis Day: "Small Things Matter"

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  • October 12, 2007 was World Arthritis Day and, while it has already come and gone, we think this is a great opportunity for our community members to discuss how osteoarthritis affects their lives or the lives of a loved one. This year's theme was "Small Things Matter" and we encourage all of you to submit a SharePost describing what small things matter the most to you!




    World Arthritis Day 2007! This event is well known to our European colleagues, but it has received less publicity on this side of the Atlantic. Even so, this day is an opportunity for people everywhere to examine their disease burden and quality of care, with instruments developed for measuring responses to therapy and ongoing interventions with their providers. This year's theme is 'Small Things Matter', and I will attempt to summarize the important details about this year's event.

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    The stated goals of World Arthritis Day include:

    - Raising awareness about arthritis in people with the disease, physicians who treat these diseases and the public in general

    - Influencing public policy with respect to recognition of disease and the burdens imposed upon those who suffer from it

    - Publicizing the resources available to patients and physicians who treat rheumatologic disease is the URL which has been established for World Arthritis Day and lists a variety of resources, including patient passports, video diaries and a survey of relevant questions for patients with arthritis. Patient Passports allow patients to log their medications, answer specific questions for their providers, and track responses to treatment. Video Diaries are actual real-time videos of patients with arthritis. The "Small Things Matter" survey is a list of questions (some 25 in all) which address functional status, including life at home, getting around, leisure activities, education and work.

    We encourage patients to take a moment to visit the World Arthritis Day website, to navigate the various options presented and to take the Small Things Matter quiz. Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn how our colleagues across the water are approaching the treatment of patients with arthritis, and bring these materials to the attention of your doctors, families and friends.

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Published On: October 11, 2007