Back to Africa: Finishing Last Minute Projects

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  • Dear Readers-

    After suffering through a multitude of incredibly hot and muggy (humid) days, and then several days of torrential rains, I awakened this morning to an awesome cloud-free “sunshiney” day - and even better, cool temperatures! It never ceases to amaze me how much I’m affected by the weather.  I know that today, I’ll be cheerful and very productive as I finish up last minute projects for my upcoming journey.

    Many of you are aware that, in spite of many artificial joints compliments of our friend osteoarthritis, and my progressive involvement with rheumatoid arthritis as well, I will soon be returning to my volunteer work in Tanzania for six months.  With the sudden change in the weather today, I’m more excited and energized to finish those last minute projects.

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    Several months ago, I was upset by my continued “deterioration” and felt that I’d never have the chance to again be with my adopted African family and do the volunteer work with the people I really care for.  I’m still on no pain medications or injections due to the treatments I’ve been receiving through a wonderful doctor and her staff who practice non-traditional medicine.  It’s a clinic at a local hospital for chronic pain management and rehabilitation.  I’m aware that this route isn’t for everyone, but it has done wonders for me.  I maintain a healthy diet (primarily the one I learned in Africa out of necessity since we don’t have meat, junk food, sweets, etc.) and a healthy weight, which I know takes pressure off of my joints. 


    When Dr. Li discovered I’d be teaching English to the “Mamas” in the Bush in Tanzania, she asked if they had a high incidence of OA.  Yes, they do, but no medications are available, and, of course if there were knowledgeable doctors, my friends couldn’t afford them!  Dr. Li suggested I take my exercise charts from the clinic and teach the ladies the same exercises I do.  For me, the extra bonus of added exercise to my “curriculum” - I’ll be doing the “work” with my ladies - is very much a win-win situation!


    An additional bonus, is that our village happens to have a large outdoor swimming pool which is, of course, heated by nature, so I’ll also be able to maintain my warm water therapy.  I’m so excited to return to not only my life and my friends in Africa, but also be teaching with two former housemates from Ireland and Spain. And, of course, I’m sure that I’ll have many new adventures to share with you all!

    One final note: For those readers who normally receive these posts directly from me, you will now need to use the following link to receive them - Pattye Snyder's Blog. An added bonus on this website is that you can request auto-notification when a new blog has been posted.  I’m not getting lazy - it’s just that we don’t always have electricity so I have limited access to a computer...

    A quotation from Mark Twain: “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.“  Please spread kindness, and have a healthy and blessed winter! I know I’ll be where I want to be; I know I’ll be where I need to be; I know I’ll be where God wants me to be! As always, WATCH ME!


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    Asante Sana Rafikis (Swahili for Thank you very much my friends)


    Mama P (my African name)



Published On: September 11, 2012