Cholula Sauce and Straw Bunnies

Pattye Snyder Health Guide
  • Actually, the two things in the title have little to do with each other, other than attitude.  I returned recently from an adventure out West to try to adjust my attitude and get ready for a busy landscaping season.  On my return home, we discovered that my dog (my “champion” through my many arthritis surgeries), had suddenly gone blind, I smashed a finger in the door of my truck, and my camera dealer called to request all of my equipment since, horrifyingly, only 7 out of over 400 pictures came out.  Oh, by the way, this all happened on the same day—guess it’s a good thing I’m not a gambler?  After I began to recover from all of this news, reality struck—it isn’t really bad luck, it’s probably just an incredibly bad day.  (Don’t you hate it when, in the midst of trials and tribulations, some perky person says, “it will get better?”)

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    In general, since my challenges with osteoarthritis began, I’ve tried to learn to live in the solution, and not the problem. (…and keep a sense of humor!)  I was recently hungry  for some chicken salad, and, since I’m an awesome cook (tolerable anyway), made some.  You know how sometimes the seasoning just “isn’t quite right?”  I finally decided to add just a “smidge” of Cholula sauce.  Well the lid flew off and it went from a tiny bit, to quite a lot—the Chicago Fire had nothing on this!  My solution was to chop up a TON of lettuce and not force any of my friends to eat this gourmet delight!


    I’ve been asked to be a Trip Assistant in August for an adventure company that quite often deals with healthy people who have physical challenges.  After my disappointments with the Grand Canyon trip, I’ll be able to “re-shoot,” although in a different location.  Yellowstone has always been a favorite state-side location for me and I will be able to regain my confidence with new photo equipment.  The GC trip DID show me that I’m more physically capable than I thought—in spite of becoming the Bionic Grandma!  I’m able to take short hikes, ride in an open cockpit bi-plane, and go 4X4-ing up and down steep rock walls in a jeep.  In July, I’m going on a week-long fishing and canoeing trip in northern Ontario.  I will admit I haven’t canoed since both hips were replaced, but know that SOMEHOW it will be possible.  I’m also excited with the opportunity to share my outdoor world of adventures with people who may have thought that this would not ever be a possibility for them!


    A few years ago, a very close friend’s father was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Unfortunately, I’m sure that many of you have had similar experiences.  One day, I discovered a straw bunny in a store.  No, it wasn’t Easter, and you have to realize how much I detest shopping! I gave it to her because she somehow “needed it.”  I’ve had it for awhile as I became bionic.  Now, my special friend has discovered that she has a heart problem.  I know that she’s getting the best medical care possible, but I also know where our bunny belongs.

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    I continue to have challenges with osteoarthritis—some days more than others, but know that I, too have the best medical help available at this time.  I continue to try to live in an adventure-filled, action-packed world.  One where straw bunnies and Cholula sauce add to my day.  As Patti LaBelle said recently, “I have arthritis, IT DOESN’T HAVE ME!”

Published On: May 29, 2007