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Jodi Seidler

Jodi Seidler, Community Member


My Secret Weapon for Joint Pain

If there’s something I’ve learned over the last 20 plus years, it’s that everyone is a patient. Everybody has pain. Every body ages. And living with constant pain can create a sad, lonely, and hopeless life. I was a young vibrant, enthusiastic woman who began to suffer from joint pain due to osteoarthritis and dysplasia at a young... Read moreChevron

Jodi Seidler

Jodi Seidler, Community Member


Hip Replacement Check List

  • Learn what to do before surgery (therapies and emotional support)
  • Keep track of your medical records with an online storage system to share with your medical team and family (password protected storage system)
  • Know what questions to ask your surgeons, and compare their answers before you... Read moreChevron
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hotaudra27, Community Member


hip pain

I have pain starting at the top of my illeum crest and have been diagnosed with gall stones, while also having swelling edema in my lower legs and ankles with a slight red rashlike area on my lower legs. This all came about after falling nine times on winter ice in the year 2013 while delivering a news paper route. You can respond to me at... Read moreChevron

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randylmartin, Community Member


acne only on my nose on my face

I have been getting acne on my nose and it is painful. It will not completely clear up and always have one developing. It leaves a purpie looking area under the skin. I recently have gotten a pimple on my palm and one on my finger. I also have gotten numerous ones on both feet.

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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

Specialist in Pain Management and Spine Rehabilitation

A New Year Offers New Opportunities to Relieve Osteoarthritis Pain

A New Year offers new opportunities to feel better.  A new year may bring new scientific breakthroughs.  A new year may bring new technologies.  A new year may bring new resolutions.  What ever your new year brings you; let’s hope for less osteoarthritis pain.


This upcoming year we may see new... Read moreChevron

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