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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

What NOT to Do if you have Arthritis Pain

Not sure what to do or what not to do now that arthritis pain is slowing you down? Doing the wrong things can make matters worse while doing the right things can help to relieve the pain. But what is right and what is wrong? This list is everything you should NOT do if you have osteoarthritis pain. Maybe this will save you from experiencing years... Read moreChevron
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Institute for Better Bone Health

Institute for Better Bone Health, Community Member

A physicians group composed of America's top orthopedic doctors, formed to elevate bone health.

Drinking Milk May Slow Joint Deterioration

A research study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston showed that arthritic women who drink one glass of milk each day have less joint deterioration than women who rarely drink milk. The results were not seen in men.   Among those who drank one or more glasses of milk a day – the thickness of the joint surface was better... Read moreChevron
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A Roundup of Knee Surgeries

For many sports fans, the idea of an ACL tear or arthroscopic procedure sounds commonplace. But knee surgeries can be a major operation.  While surgery may not always be necessary, in other cases it clearly may be.   Here are a variety of knee surgery options and for which what conditions they are necessary.   Total knee... Read moreChevron
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denipink56, Community Member


New Here

Good morning to all my osteo friends.   My name is Denise and i just wanted to shout out and then see where this post goes from here.   I am not too sure how all this works.   Hope you all have a lovely Sunday! :)
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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections for Knee Arthritis

Like most people, you probably know someone that is struggling with a painful knee. Arthritis of the knee is common as a person ages, especially in those with previous injuries to the knee. At first one might try to use over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Eventually, the pain becomes overwhelming and medical help is... Read moreChevron
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