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Celeste Cooper, RN

Celeste Cooper, RN, Health Pro

Author, educator, patient and advocate

Critical Steps for Avoiding Raynaud’s Complications

Many people delight in the invigorating, brisk air of fall and winter. Children dance about and utter sounds of glee as they puff their cheeks like a blowfish and reveal the magic of seeing their breath in the air. But for those of us with Raynaud’s, the changing of seasons brings something quite... Read moreChevron

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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

Specialist in Pain Management and Spine Rehabilitation

Top Three Myths about Buprenorphine Busted

What most doctors think they know about buprenorphine just isn’t so.  Unfortunately, these myths about this unique chemical may hurt you.  These myths about buprenorphine prevent its use for the treatment of pain, prevent its use in those that cannot be... Read moreChevron

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Custom Orthotics Soothe Rheumatoid Arthritis Feet


Living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) often means living with foot pain.  Topical anti-inflammatories (liquids and creams) can ease that pain to some extent.   Warm water soaks can... Read moreChevron

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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

A specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

What NOT to Do if you have Arthritis Pain

Not sure what to do or what not to do now that arthritis pain is slowing you down? Doing the wrong things can make matters worse, while doing the right things can help relieve the pain. But what is right and what is wrong? This list is everything you should NOT do if you have osteoarthritis pain. These tips could save you from experiencing... Read moreChevron