• ohmyachingleg ohmyachingleg
    November 17, 2009
    shooting pain in upper left thigh while walking, moving leg from side to side, going up/downstairs.
    ohmyachingleg ohmyachingleg
    November 17, 2009

    for over 4 years, i get this shooting pain in my upper thigh 3 to 4 times a day, for a few months, then it goes away. I can be walking when all of a sudden, the pain shoots, and i have to hold my leg up for a minute or two before i can walk on it again, but only with a limp. it hurts to move the leg left or right while sitting or walking up or down stairs. it seems to reach a very high pain after a few months, then gradually subsides for a few months before returning. i am in tears when it is at its worst. i never know when it is going to happen until it happens. during a typical day, i could walk with a limp because i am afraid to walk normally, and if i forget, the pain shoots, and, oh, agony. this time when the pain came back after about 5 months, i went to the doctor. i have just gotten xrays done and waiting for my doctor's appointment to find out the diagnosis. i don't even know if this is any form of osteoarthritis.



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  • spineart November 29, 2009
    November 29, 2009
    ohmyachingleg, hi...sorry for your pain.  A friend of mine had something similar a few years ago; it turned out to be a pinched nerve caused by a spinal-disc.  This is a very common problem.  Whether this is your exact problem or not is impossible to know, obviously....so I would recommend you go to your doc and ask questions re possible further investigation.  My friend had op to relieve problem with disc and was 100% recovered after 3 months or so; he previously couldn't even stand....but post op was walking and moving normally.  See your doc....and ask if it's a disc problem...as he/she would perhaps send you for an MRI etc.   Best of luck. READ MORE
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