• drkphoenix21 drkphoenix21
    January 20, 2011
    What should I do? Am I at risk of getting any More hernaited discs if things don't change? And, Do herniated discs cause any other type of problems?
    drkphoenix21 drkphoenix21
    January 20, 2011
    I was in a accident back at the start of 2008, its been 3 yrs and I am still in a serious amount of pain. It seems like the more time passes the worse the pain gets, I have a herniated disc on my back at L5-S1 & another at C4-C5 in the back of my neck. I've done the injections and they did nothing, ended up making my pain even worse, therapy helps but only for a VERY short amount of time. Been to several doctors but all I was told that it was nothing for me to be concern about. The pain is excruciating to the point where I am unable to walk, sit and even hurts to laugh and cough. I am also unable to turn my head to even try to look over my shoulder, I've taken all types and kinds of medications and they are NOT working. READ MORE



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