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Sunday, December 11, 2011 justmeok7, Community Member, asks

Q: what is the recovery time for a torn PCL surgery?

I was in a auto accident and my knee hit dash real hard,it tore the PCL legament at knee and my doctor recomended to get it reconstucted. how long would I have to take off work. 

 I am in the constuction field and I am 50 years old, but in good shape.

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12/18/11 3:17pm

When I saw this question, I just had to answer it. I tore my PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) 25 years ago. Although, my injury was not the usual "dashboard smash". I wrecked on my bicycle. With youth on my side, health on my side, and the best knee surgeon in the country; my surgery repair went very well. I was up and playing basketball, fighting fires and doing everything I need to do within the year after surgery.


Now, my knee does bother me sometimes if I am doing a lot of knee work like squats and stairs. But, I maintain good strength and health in the hopes of many more years of a fully functioning knee.


Funny thing is that my husband tore his ACL 25 years ago (same side, our surgical scars are almost identical). He is now having a world of problems with his knee, somedays he can barely walk. But he is 65 years old and had a much more extensive surgery than I did.


The moral of this story is that everyone's experience is a little different because there are so many variables. The PCL is essential for knee stability so a surgical repair is a good idea. These days the rehabilitation is much more accelerated than it was 25 years ago. But I would still plan for at least a month of very limited use with a gradual improvement over a 6 month period of time. Try to keep you knee strong now because the more strength you have going into the surgery the quicker your recovery time will be especially if you are the picture of good health.


Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

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