• lynne lynne
    June 29, 2009
    diagnosed mild arthritus of left hip,but pain isround top left leg radiating to knee hip doesnt hurt
    lynne lynne
    June 29, 2009

    Suddenly at beginning of March had pain in top of left leg, didnt do anything unusual to get this.  have been to Doctors had an xray shows mild arthritus.  But hip doesnt hurt it is all aound top of leg radiating to knee. cannot lift left foot higher than right ankle without pain.  And it tends to want to collapse.  Taking paracetamol but not much help.



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  • Sheila Maurer April 25, 2012
    Sheila Maurer
    April 25, 2012

    I have real pain in my right knee which I had replaced 2008 my dr wants me to have a injectio in my hip I do not have pain in my hip the pain in my knee is real bad when I stand or walk for long period of time. at rest not much pain. when getting into the car I cannot lift the leg up without pain.

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