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Q: Steroid Hip Injections?

I have bursitis in my left hip. I had a steroid injection (cat scan guided) a year and a half ago, and it lasted about 10 months. I had another injection about six months ago. The pain is back, and very bad. I am going to call the ortho for an appt to talk about another injection. I don't understand why I have so much bursitis. I have it in both shoulders and both hips. My Orthopedic's NP told me I have a lot of scar tissue in my left hip and it may have to be removed one day. How does a person end up w/scar tissue in the hip? My hip has never been operated on...nor injured...I do have generalized osteoarthritis, but the doctor never told me that I have OA in my hip. Thank you for your input.
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12/28/10 10:05pm

Is it possible that you have hip impingement caused by the way your hip joint is put together. A big ball or a shallow socket can cause minor imperfections in the way this ball-and-socket joint operates. These minor imperfections add up over time, no trauma or injuries necessary. I would discuss this possibility with your orthopedist, it is an emerging diagnosis that he/she may not be aware of. A joint preservation specialist may be able to save your hip joint from having to be replaced in the future.


Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

V, Health Guide
12/28/10 11:31pm

Thank you, Dr. L.  I will ask my doctor about this possibility.


I do have really bad knees due to OA. I never feel as though I am walking on level ground anymore. I was wondering if my altered gait might have something to do w/my hip problem.



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