• philindapolly philindapolly
    November 06, 2012
    Shoulder pain radiating down arm?
    philindapolly philindapolly
    November 06, 2012

    I hurt my arm some time ago when a person pulled me from the floor by my arm and it hurt my shoulder.  Time helped, and it mostly healed.  I then tried to put compression stockings on a person's foot and when I pulled the stocking open to put over the foot, I got a pain in my shoulder which radiated down my arm. It hurt to straighten my arm, but I could do it slowly. I tried again to do the stockings (yes, stupid) and it hurt worse, so I gave up. 

    Now, doing various little things with that arm sometimes triggers the radiating pain down my arm and makes it painful to move. I have to move gradually to straighten my arm.  Walking my Great Dane of course does not help it, either.  I had it X-rayed before the stocking pain-inducing event and it did not show rotator cuff problems.  It does not hurt all the time, just when I reach, pul, push, or other things; sometimes it hurts a little, sometimes a lot. If I lean on my elbow and support my chin, when I move then the shoulder/arm pain hurts. It is a habit when reading email and I remember and then it hurts when I move from leaning.

    All of this pain has happened just since I tried to hold open the compression stockings with each hand pulling them open and holding it open. Does it sound like I could have torn something at that point?  All my GP says is "Ice it."  I am on Medicare and doctors and MRIs cost me so much more expense,  so I am wondering if this sounds like a tear that I should have addressed. Could it just be bicep tendonitis?   I am really needing to know what I should do. I have osteoporosis, but not osteoarthritis that I am aware of. Thank you in advance for any help.




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