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Sunday, March 07, 2010 Tweetay, Community Member, asks

Q: Left neck pain and Right arm numbness with hand cramps...

For about 7 months my right arm gets numb and tingles at night with hand cramps to the point of me being in tears.  Now since February 15th, I have been experiencing a radiant pain in my right lower neck and shoulder.  If I lift my left arm my neck really hurts.  For the last two days when I turn my head to the left it's crackling with severe pain.  This is stopping me from sleeping at night.  What could this be?


Also, for about 8 months my right knee is very weak and has pain in it.  It sometimes gives out on me.

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3/ 8/10 9:15pm

Noctural pain/numbness/tingling with hand cramps sounds very much like carpal tunnel syndrome. But it could also be a irritated nerve in the neck. Before you rush off to the doctor, you could try some simple home remedies. First, you can try sleeping with a stiff wrist splint on your right wrist. This split keeps the wrist/hand from curling a squeezing the nerve too much. Another tip to keep the nerves from being kinked at night is to use a thick (preferably TempurPedic/foam neck pillow), this pillow can help support the weight of head/neck/shoulder region and keep the nerve happy while you sleep. Otherwise, off to the doctor for an exam and tests to find out what is pissing off your nerves.


Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Nellie, Community Member
3/ 4/12 9:13pm
It is really good information. My symptom is similar. The inner of my right arm feel huge pressure while cramping, and pain through from right side of my neck and should to the tip of fingers. Now, I feel first three fingers are tingling. Reply
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