• Jackie Jackie
    October 23, 2008
    I felt an instant pull or snap in my right calf muscle. I discoverd bruising 3 days later
    Jackie Jackie
    October 23, 2008

    I was carrying a heavy backpack and standing for about an hour till I suddenly took a quick step to try to jog. An istant pull or snap feeling struck my right clf muscle. I was able to walk as if it was a peg leg. I walk to a near by pharmacy and apllied ice and an ace bandage and took to advil. I proceeded that day to walk with a peg leg form. I rested and elevated approx 3 hours later and meesaged area. I proceeded to Ice and elevate as often as I could.  This happen on a Sunday 10:00am and by Tuesday am without Advil I was able to walk normal with  little discomfort.

    I spoke with an on call nurse at the time of injury.  I have not foered followed up with my phisycian.  I have know dicovered brusing and have been experienccing tendernes because I have been on it to much doing daily chores etc...


    Should I have an X-ray, If I did suffer a tear of a muscle is surgery recommended. 



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