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Monday, July 07, 2008 Santhosh, Community Member, asks

Q: Ostreoarthritis treatment with Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance Device –RFQMR-(Cytotron).


My mother aged 68 is suffering from ostreoarthritis for the last 5 years. Severe pain at the knees and swelling on both the legs. Recently we saw the  advt. regarding  Cytotron in


Will anybody advice regarding ostreoarthritis  treatment with Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance Device -RFQMR (Cytotron).  


It seems to be  a new device developed for Tissue Regeneration, Degeneration and Repair for the purposes of treating several chronic or degenerative diseases such as Cancer &  Arthritis. They alter the Trans Membrane Potential (TMP) of Cells.


They claim this is successful for treating osteoarthritis and cancer. Will anybody advice regarding the effectiveness of this and does it have any side effects.


Details are available at the website






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Dr.Sibia, Community Member
7/10/08 1:05am

Sibia Medical Centre is the first post reaserach centre to provide Cytotron Therapy and details can be hd from or from their help line Mb: +91-9814034818

Dr.Sibia, Community Member
7/10/08 1:05am

Sibia Medical Centre is the first post reaserach centre to provide Cytotron Therapy and details can be hd from or from their help line Mb: +91-9814034818

Mother, Community Member
8/11/08 5:46pm

My mother aged 75 years did not find any relief after cytotron treatment. Rather the pain  has increased and she is feeling very weak too.


Ashwani, Community Member
8/11/09 1:40am

Dear Mr. Subbarao - I am sorry to hear this. I am planning to get this treatment done for my mother (aged 65) and currently in her 3rd stage of this problem. We learnt of this treatment from newspaper ad. of Safe Health Knee joint centre at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad. If you may answer our few questions below, we can take a proper decision -


1. Which center did you get this treatment done?

2. In what stage of ailment your mother was prior to starting the treatment?

3. Did the doctors/centre promise you a free 2nd treatment, should the first one fail? If they promised, did they fulfill the promise, and is your mother's condition the same after the 2nd exposure?

4. How much did the treatment cost you?

5. Did you get to do a reference check before starting the treatment, and did anyone give you a positive feedback before you took the treatment? I am trying to check if this treatment is a general failure for all, or if there is some amount of success rate (they claim 90%).

6. Any other points that we should keep in mind before going in for this treatment.


Thanks - Ashwani


R Sharma, Community Member
8/15/08 5:36am

Check out, they are the pioneers of this treatment and have vast experience.As a matter of fact, the CEO,Wg Cdr (Dr)Vasishta spearheaded the research.

Ala, Community Member
9/22/08 5:58pm

My mother is currently taking the RFQMR treatement. After about 15 sessions and rigourous exercise, she is feeling some relief in pain. Doctors are suggesting that pain will subside over a period and there is a 3 month period of regenration during which she has to be reduce the standing time (under 5 mins) and relax the knee so that cartilage can regenerate. I am keeping my fingers crossed

Satya, Community Member
5/ 9/09 4:53am

Can you please update how your mother is feeling now after going through all sessions?



Ala, Community Member
5/11/09 11:49am

Well, she has just completed her repeat sessions. While she complains about the pain, she also perhaps acknowledges that there has been some improvement in her condition. Not entirely sure if that is due to her restricted diet (yes, she is on a restricted diet for about 8 months now) and exercise regime, which is good. I am not saying that restricting your diet isn't good, but we weren't aware of these requirements before starting the treatment.


Nonetheless, clinical results show a marginal improvement (about 5%) following the procedure.

Ashwani, Community Member
8/11/09 1:51am

Ala - I am sorry to hear that there was only 5% improvement even after "repeat" sessions, and that there were conditions on the diet as well. Even we were not made aware of the diet restrictions during our consultations. My mother is in 3rd stage of the condition and we are planning to get this treatment at Hyderabad. Any inputs from your side would help. Thanks

FAISAL NASEEM, Community Member
10/ 3/10 10:41am

can some body tell that rfqmr cytotorn really helpful. does really pain reliefs after it's treatment. how long relief stays. any side effects? any precautions after treatment



Ashwani, Community Member
8/11/09 1:46am

Hello Ala - Given that your mother may have completed 1 year after this treatment, I wanted to check the progress - as I am planning to get this treatment done for my mother who is in her 3rd stage of this condition. We are planning to get this done here at a centre in Hyderabad. They are also promising a "free" 2nd session just in case the treatment does not work well in the 1st session. Kindly advice. Thanks

Ala, Community Member
8/13/09 7:40am


Thankfully, I 've had an opportunity to spend some long time (2 months) with my Mom recently. Here's what I have observed so far. Following the "repeat" session, I think she is improving. She is able to walk about 25-35 meters without any stops or need for rest. She can now stand for longer, (i.e. about 10-15 mins) without significant pains. She can sit and get up from a chair much more easily (earlier getting up from a sitting position was a nightmare and therefore she used to avoid either sitting or getting up, which kind a largely reduced her overall mobility). She walks up straight now as compared to kinda limping on each leg at a time earlier.


She continues to do her exercises, which I feel are central to her condition and improvements.


I don't intend to compare RFQMR and knee replacement (KR). - However, "the" reason I chose RFQMR over KR was - should this fail I could still opt for a KR, albeit that she was and is absolutely reluctant to choose KR.


I think it took a while for her get to where she is, but I am glad she got here. One could argue that she could have improved even w/o RFQMR by simply restricting to some very good amount of exercises and a diet regime that helps tissue regenration..


If money wasn't a factor for choosing this option - in that you are prepared to forget the spend and the time invested, then certainly worth giving a shot.


I guess my reservation stems from the fact that Insurance companies are not willing to cover this treatement. Which to me suggests that the treatement and its results aren't completely predictable yet.


Hope that helps.


Ashwani, Community Member
8/14/09 9:38am

Hello Ala - I greatly appreciate your detailed reply. This has assured me to go ahead with the treatment. You are very correct with the Insurance problem - but by God's grace we may be able to override this problem (finances). A couple of my last questions are as follows - i) Did you by any chance got this treatment done at Hyderabad (Safe Health Centre? ii) This centre is promising us a "free" repeat treatment if the 1st one fails - do we get this in writing from the centre - how was it in your Mom's case - was the repeat treatment free? iii) what was the age and weight of your mother at the time of initial treatment? iv) what stage was the problem at the start of the treatment? Thanks again for all your help

Ala, Community Member
8/16/09 12:47pm

1. She had her treatment elsewhere.

2. The centre did not assure of a free second treatment, however clinical investigations and comparative reports suggested that she had less than 5% improvement, which in my opinion were the reasons of offering a repeat session. I must admit that the staff and management were professional enough to make that offer upfront, rather than us having to negotiate it.

3. She was upwards of 90Kg, aged 60.

4. I am not aware of any specific grade but I know that her condition was advanced and she had severe pain in both the knees.

I am glad that my comments were of help.



Ashwani, Community Member
8/17/09 1:21am

Hello Ala - Thanks much for your immediate reply and the answers to ALL my queries. Yes, ALL your responses were helpful and I will be sharing these with my parents (most importantly my mother, who is the patient), and this will help them to be mentally prepared (expectation setting) with the expected results / success of this treatment. Thanks indeed.

syamk, Community Member
12/ 2/09 4:56am

Hi Ashwini, Did u go thru the treatment. How is ur mother now. Can u update? I'm planning to fly mother down from malaysia for her treatment in Ojus, Bangalore. Thanx.

Viji, Community Member
3/18/12 2:01pm



Did you treat your mother ? Was it successful ? Anybody who can confirm how long it worked well ?





vijay sethi, Community Member
2/ 5/09 2:31pm

I have knee pain for along time. I am due for knee replacement surgery for last five years. I am scared. I am 58. and have oeastheoprises also. Please advice.


Thank you


GS Nayar, Community Member
2/24/09 5:21am

Cytotron therapy using the RFQMR technology has been found to be very successful in regenerating the cartilage tissue and effecting considerable improvement in the joint function. The cartilage thickness has increased by more than 1 mm in about three months after the therapy in MRI studies. Pain relief without NSAIDs as well as improvement in joint function are seen within two weeks of initiating the therapy in a majority of patients, especially in the non-obese patients. Many centres are offering the therapy in India as well as in other countries.

I have been associated with the clinical research in RFQMR technology in both degenerative diseases and in malignancy since the beginning. Currently we are offering this facility at Bangalore.

You may like to contact me for more information.

Dr GS Nayar

Ojus Healthcare


+9180 32021022   

Ashi, Community Member
11/ 6/09 2:37am

My 80 year mother approximate 80 kgs is healthy except or her knee. she walks few steps herself with the help of a walker. she also walks to the toilet and use european toilet by heself, with great pain using rails fixed on the wall whereever she walk so that she walks few steps.
Major problem is her difficulty to climb steps. She does it with great pain.
8 years ago doctors proposed to do knee replacement surgery, but she didnot agree to it. Will QMR help her at this age? howmany such patients were treated and howmany were beniitted? these inormations will benifit me to take her to a QMR centre in kerala or bangalore.

kind regards
Ashi from abu dhabi

GS Nayar, Community Member
11/14/09 2:53am

RFQMR therapy using the Cytotron will be ideal for your mother. By now more than 1500 cases of osteoarthritis have been treated in various centres in India, Malaysia, Kosovo, Pakistan, Netherlands etc. As OA is a disease very common among the elders who also may have other cardiac and metabolic diseases, RFQMR offers the safest non-invasive solution with excellent results. Depending on the physical and immunological status of the patient we can expect marked improvement in almost all patients and complete cure with regeneration of articular cartilage in over 90% cases without any significant risk factors. RFQMR therapy is definitely indicated before a decision for TKR surgery is taken.


In our centre, RFQMR is packaged with a holistic solution including complete medical evaluation and advice on disease/risk management, physiotherapy, lifestyle management, diet & nutrional consultations, classical Ayurveda therapies, Acupressure, Reflexology, Yoga and meditation. 

Dr GS Nayar

Ojus Niramaya Clinic

Brookefields, Whitefield



+91 974 111 8867; +91 80 4207 9708

GS Nayar, Community Member
10/ 9/10 1:27pm

Change of email ID.


Please note that my new email ID is or


Dr GS Nayar

Ojus Niramaya Clinic Brookefields, Bangalore, India

Mobile +91 974 111 8867  Phone:+91 80 4207 9708       

Smita, Community Member
7/ 6/10 9:59am

My mother aged 49 is suffering from osteoarthritis and presently she is in her 4th stage,i heard about this QMR therapy,is it possible to take this treatment?What will be the total expenditure for the same?Is this treatment last for ever or its longivity is for 5-10 years like in case of knee replacement?If this treatment turns out to be failure what is the next step and is that going to be free of cost?

Shafi, Community Member
11/ 2/10 11:07am

Since you are associated with clinical research on the Cytotron treatment you are the better judge. I have undertaken this treatment in Karachi, Pakistan for my knees as I have OA for the last 5 years now. I am 69 years of age, very athletic and weigh about 178 pounds and stand 5feet 9 inches tall. I am otherwise in perfect health and very conscientious about my health and diet. My wife is a Doctor of Medicine in practice in Karachi. This is additional help.

I completed the 21 day course on June 21, 2010. Now it has been almost mlore than four months.

I would say that in my right knee the improvement is not that much and pain subsists when I walk. I have gone through physiotherapy and still having three sessions a week.But still not satisfied with the results as promised or as advertised.

What do you suggest.Your advise would be greatly appreciated.

S.M. Shafi

Omar K, Community Member
2/ 1/12 11:12am

Hello Mr.Shafi,


Can you give me some details of the institution where you underwent this procedure? And a ballpark of the costs.

I'm researching on options for treatment of OA for my father. Profile very similar to yours.





george, Community Member
1/14/12 7:08am

hi, read your article - your quote - Many centres are offering the therapy in India as well as in other countries  - can you tell me other countries, I am in Europe so that's why. rgds George

Nazereene, Community Member
2/24/09 3:30pm

My mother had really severe osteoarthritis in both knees and was treated in December 2005 with rfqmr using cytotron.  Even though my mother is overweight, she still experienced very good results for about two years after treatment.  In the last six to eight months her condition has deteriorated and she is now repeating the treatment.  I know of another elderly lady, of about 70 plus years, who is not overweight and who also experienced good results for about two years, and then had to repeat the treatment last year.  Last I met her was a couple of weeks ago, she seemed to be doing quite well - she seemed to be able to walk a fair distance without any discomfort.  This has been our experience.



Kirankumarpatti, Community Member
8/20/09 11:53pm

Hi Nazerene,

Good Morning!


Thank you for sharing the information.


1. Will you please name of the hospital where I can get my mother treated?

2.  Is it safe to expose knee from rays from Cytotron machine  for the second time?.


Please answer me?. Please provide me the contact number of the Health center where you treated your mother for Knee joint.



Thank you in advance

GS Nayar, Community Member
11/14/09 3:10am

Please note that radio and sub-radio frequencies are used in this technology which makes it very safe and without any known side effects. We have treated children as young as 2 years for cancer and as old as 93 for osteoarthritis. In fact the therapeutic protocol has provided for a repeat course of therapy using second and third harmonics.




Dr GS Nayar

Ojus Niramaya Clinic

Bangalore, India

+91 974 111 8867


shingi, Community Member
4/26/09 11:49pm


Dear ALA,

I was considering RFMQR treatment for my Moter in law, she suffers from oesteo arthiritis in both the knees.

I would appreciate if you could share your experience with us-if you could foward a number where I can contact you


Monday, September 22, 2008

My mother is currently taking the RFQMR treatement. After about 15 sessions and rigourous exercise, she is feeling some relief in pain. Doctors are suggesting that pain will subside over a period and there is a 3 month period of regenration during which she has to be reduce the standing time (under 5 mins) and relax the knee so that cartilage can regenerate. I am keeping my fingers crossed

achu, Community Member
8/20/09 4:01am

ma dad is suffering frm high joint pain....pain occurs after doing long muscular activities...recently heard abt ijrc and cytotron...plz notify d amount of dis...and also treatment needed for ma dad...

sameer, Community Member
10/18/09 5:17am

hi. i recently heared about this treatment done at sbf healthcare. i want this treatement to be done for my mother. she has grade3 ostreoarthritis. i had consulted sbf healthcare doctors. but still bit reluctant to go for it. few questions in mind. is this treatement completely safe? will radiations harm other parts of body around knee? secoundly, if this treatment such a boon then why it is not patented or so popular like knee replacement? how much is the success garaunteed in this treatement?


Thanks for help in advance.

samson, Community Member
1/19/10 1:21am

1>The QMR TherapyTM is completely safe as it uses below radio frequencies of beams.

2>The other parts won't be damaged as the beams are precisely concentrated on a particular part

3>The QMR TherapyTM is successful in almost all the cases

4>QMR TherapyTM is non-invasive, painless and safe.

5>Patients can carry on their normal activity during the treatment.

Dr.Sibia, Community Member
5/ 6/10 8:00am

Like with any treatment results vary from patient to patient depending on many factors. Based on our experience we feel that all patients eligible for Cytotron therapy must try it before going in for Knee replacement as it is safe. We at Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana in 2006, installed the world's first Cytotron device to treat osteo-arthritis of knee, hip and other joints after the clinical trials at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine. The device invented by Dr Kumar of Scalene Cybernetics and the Centre for Advanced Research and Development. The device uses Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance (RFQMR / QMR) to regenerate cartilage cells in the knee, hip, etc. and many patients can be saved form joint replacement with it. It can also treat cancer tumors by arresting the tumor cell growth in brain, lungs, pancreas, ovary, etc. without side effects. The website provides information about the device. - Dr Sibia

saikumar, Community Member
10/ 8/10 11:40am

Respected sir,
I am a doctor from andhrapradesh, India. I need a help from you regarding cytotron therapy for treatment of osteoarthritis. My mother is suffering from severe osteoarthritis (grade 2 in one leg and grade3 in other leg) and I read about cytotron therapy for osteoarthritis. Please help me regarding one aspect that is about the
1.success rate of this treatment long does the effect of this treatment lasts and
3. cost of the treatment.

Hoping for your kind reply

Thanking you sir,
Yours faithfully

Dr. Saikumar



GS Nayar, Community Member
10/16/10 11:15pm

Dear Doctor,


I would advise you to visit Safe Health Knee Joint Center at Banjara Hills, hyderabad (Mob 9393012096, 040 32436316) so that you can discuss the entire technology details and their clinical experience to make your decision.


If you happen to visit Bangalore, I'll be happy to share any info with you. We are consistently getting very good results clinically as well as radiologically. MRI repeated within 3 months of treatment or later has shown an increase in cartilage thickness. A few of my patients have been able to get insurance reimbursement based on either the radiological improvement or on the court orders won by one patient in Chandigarh and another in Bangalore.


The success in regenerating articular cartilage has been followed up with an encouraging pilot trial on regenerating the nervous sytem in Multiple Sclerosis. A clinical trial has been initiated now. It is heartening to see patients who were wheel chair borne being able to walk on their own.


Dr GS Nayar

Ojus Niramaya Clinic

Brooke Fields, Bangalore

+91 974 111 8867, 91 80 4207 9708 

GS Nayar, Community Member
7/22/12 2:54am

This note is to advise the readers about the change in the location of my clinic to a more central place in Bangalore.

Dr GS Nayar

OJUS ATM Centre for Health & Wellness

#257, 3rd Cross, 2nd Stage, 2nd Phase

Near ESI Hospital

Domlur, Bangalore 560 071


Cell: +91 812 300 8867; +91 974 111 8867

Lola, Community Member
6/ 7/12 5:49pm

Pls. tell more about cancer treatments, their results and clinics with contact details outside India.


alfred molenaar, Community Member
12/ 6/10 9:37pm
In order to answer your question I will give you some fo my experience with the MRS.
I have known for many years that since the early sixties NASA  has upgraded the health of their  astronauts by saturating space capsules/spacesuits with PEMF energy, I checked out their website as anyone can!
In October of 2007 I was invited to a meeting where Mediconsult performed a demonstration of PEMF energy which they call "Magnetic Resonance Stimulation" or MRS.
I tested it, was impressed, bought into it,  and have since enjoyed  very significant improvements in our health and happiness . Using the MRS 2000+ has been an energizing, rejuvenating and healing experience for us.  The company Mediconsult hails from Germany and manufactures the MRS2000+   which is the latest ultramodern refinement of Pulsating field technology. This device is used by over 4000 world class and Olympic athletes in Europe and Asia. About 2 years ago  Mediconsult became incorporated in the USA and Canada. Dr Oz [of Oprah Winfrey] has stated that the newest frontier in medicine is ENERGY medicine.
Heisenberg, the grandfather of modern physics, and Nobel prize recipient, has said that electromagnetic energy  is "the elemental energy on which all life depends".
The approach is HOLISTIC in the sense that the focus is brought to bear on stimulating  energy of the entire system to heal itself on both   the mental AND physical levels. It is also completely "natural" in that it replaces the normal impulses we should be getting from the earth but are not because the natural field has weakened by about 50% in the last 300 years. Also there is now an endless array of interfering harmful impulses coming at us from cordless phones, microwave ovens, high tension wires, cell phones, cars etc. I have attached a number of educational links below.
The  MRS  strengthens  the defense mechanism/immune sytem ,vitality by addressing broad parameters of health, IE Oxygenation and cellular stimulation, so that the body s ability to self heal is improved[refer link 7 below].
This method is as old as the earliest life forms on our planet, as it copies nature. 
Link #2 shows the MRS 2000 + functioning in a clinical setting with Dr Neff.
Link #3  is a general informational, and link # 4 shows a series of peer reviewed studies, all of which can be Googled for veracity and some are done "double blind"!! This link is amazing to develop fully and study in depth!
Link #5 shows  CTV news reporting  on the use of pulsating fields for migraine headaches' and  link#6 shows how NASA is still studying this area to increase the level of health of astronauts to prevent bone loss/muscle wasting, osteoporosis and other health issues. They have used this technology for over 40 years, and are now undretaking further research in connection with their plans to go to MARS.
With an annual budget of many billions they can afford the very best.
The last link [7] fully covers all aspects of PEMF therapy
I love using the MRS  for family, friends,neighbours etc. I purchased the unit in Oct. 07 ,and by Feb. 08 I was sprinting for the first time in 8 years, also the  energy level has increased enormously.
If you want to discuss further let me know, am dedicating some of my time to ensure people are aware of this!
Alfred Molenaar  .
Santhosh, Community Member
9/24/12 3:34am



Most of the devices and clinics mentioned here, as kind of expensive and short-lasting treatments!


You can actually buy a rTMS device and use it on a daily basis for just about 15000 rupees.. this is a personal use PEMF/rTMS device known as the Earthpulse Sleep Machine.


You can find out all about it and access India-specific retail here:


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