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Wednesday, October 07, 2009 Hurtn In Utah, Community Member, asks

Q: what is severe facet arthropathy of c-3 and c-4 left side

I was involved in two rollover car accidents this year with one ejection from vehicle. I cardiac arrested with both and was intubated and life flighted to a trauma hospital. the last accident I was in I had no movement from breasts down which resolved during my stay. I had multiple scans and MRIs. I have reversal of cervical lordosis, severe facet arthopathy c-3 and c-4 left side and moderate neural foraminal narrowing on right side, moderate disc desiccation l4-l5 and l5-s1, mild endplate STIR signal l5-s1, l3/l4 mild broad-based disc protrusion, l4/l5 broad-based disc protrusion with evidence of increased T2 signal suggestive of annular fissures results in mild bilateral foraminal narrowing, l5/s1 broad-based protrusion with evidence of increased T2 signal suggestive of annular fissure. Resultant mild bilateral foraminal narrowing. I am still in severe pain and unable to completely move like a normal person. My left side is still weak along with my grip, I don't have a good balance, I have numbness and tingling in both arms/legs and bilateral ring and pinky fingers, i cannot sit, lay down, walk, twist, bend, lift heavy things without stabbing incapacitating pain. I no longer have insurance to see a doctor because i cannot work. Do you think I need surgery, what other alternatives do I have? Can you explain exactly what all of this means? 

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