• Charles Charles
    May 19, 2009
    I have worn out knees. Could I be a good candidate for knee gel injections?
    Charles Charles
    May 19, 2009

    Hi, my name is Charles. I have worn out knees but no athritis. My doctor retired

    and I now have no doctor. My question is would I be a good candidate for knee gel injections?  I am 86 years old & like the idea of local anasthesia instead of going under the knife.

    Thank you, Charles




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  • Sandy June 06, 2009
    June 06, 2009
    Hi Charles, I fainted about 13 nonths ago.  After a while say 2 or 3 months, I was wondering why it was difficult to get up from a seating postion..  I went to 2 doctors who told me I had Stage 3 Osteoarthritis in the knees.  I opted to go for the injections rather than surgery.  The name of the injections is called Halogen.  You get a shot in each knee, say for instance 3 mondays.  It does take the pain away.  If it continues, you can get these shots every 6 months. READ MORE
  • Connie May 21, 2009
    May 21, 2009

    I am almost 60 and the cartilage was gone from under my knees. My Dr injected Hylagen which is 5 shots under the kneecap and it works great. I still have a little knee pain but better than having surgery.

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