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Saturday, August 01, 2009 tried, Community Member, asks

Q: what is this pain in the wrist , hand fingers and swallan i cant move my hand, knee and arms


For about 4 years, I been having this numbing pain in arms with swollen fingers and muscle spasms in my back and neck. I have took Xrays of my back and neck everything was fine. I took Xrays of arms twice the twice and the Xrays showed arthritis in the shoulder but that don't explain the swollen fingers that was companied with the arm pain.


My knee has been very painfull. I took a MRI. Here are the impressions:

1. Large bone contusion in the lateral Tibia Plateau with rupture of the lateral Patellar Retinacula.

2. Tiny old Osteochondral defect in the anterior aspect of the medial.

I have also been experiencing sharp pain in my other knee, but nothing to alarm of

I am currently wearing a knee brace when I go power walking.


For the last month, I have experienced my left hand and wrist is hurting and swollen. The pain travels though my fingers, very painfull it awakes me up at night. When I take Tylenol, the pain stops but I still cannot bend my hand. I'm able to move fingers a little but not bend them. I have one hand I been using.


I dont get much sleep because of the pain. I have two children they help me fuction during the day.


Do you have any idea what is attacting my body and is everything related?




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