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People That Are Interested In Osteoarthritis


PainSurvey, Community Member


Seeking men and women for OA paid telephone interview project

Health Outcomes Solutions, a health outcomes research organization, is gathering information from individuals with osteoarthritis. Eligible participants will be asked to complete and return a brief questionnaire and to share opinions in a telephone interview. Compensation is $75.

To participate in this research study, you... Read moreChevron

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CRegal, Editor


Relieving the Pain of Tennis Elbow

Summer is prime time for tennis.  A popular sport around the world, tennis is a fun activity for both the young and old alike. Though the sport is recommended as a comfortable and practical form of exercise, it can also be dangerous to your joints.


Some of the injuries sustained from playing tennis can range from... Read moreChevron


itenm, Community Member


Itching & Arthritis site

I believe I have arthritis in my hand at the CMC joint of the thumb.  It swells and I experience some itching.  Does this go along with arthritis?  or is it something else?


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Hope from a wishchild

"One thing that's true for every person is that sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes the

worst possible thing happens, and we are all caught off guard and don't know just what to

do. We struggle, we worry and we cry. Yet even when things go horribly wrong, very few

things stay wrong. No matter how wrong a thing, no... Read moreChevron

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