We Women Are Built Differently Than Men

  • Here is a revelation: women are built differently than men. That information may not be news to you, but I think it is news to some of my male colleagues, male physicians. For years, the medical and scientific world has ignored women-specific research by assuming that what goes for men must go for women too. Treatment for women has come by lumping women into recommendations proven for men while ignoring that certain conditions are more prevalent in women than men like osteoporosis. Well, the time for ignorance is over. Now is the time for the world to know that the abnormal loss of bony tissue is strongly related to women's bone health.

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    Osteoporosis is a condition strongly related to women's health. Just by looking at the whole issues surrounding hormones and menopause, one can easily recognize that women are built differently than men. And that these women-specific issues strongly influence bone density. Now what is needed is some gender-specific health advice for nutrition, vitamins, exercise and all the other factors related to osteoporosis. Women need to know exactly how much Vitamin D to take (the current RDA amount is too low). Women need to know how and when to take Vitamin D also. Women need to know when calcium supplementation does the most good in a person's lifetime. Women need to know how to prevent osteoporosis, not just receive a prescription for the osteoporosis medication of the month. Women need to know how to prevent osteoporosis. Prevention is what women's health is about.


    Not only is osteoporosis a women's health issue, osteoporosis is also a condition strongly related to bone health. Bone is a tissue, a living organ just like the heart, lungs, and skin. Preventing osteoporosis requires a healthy state of wellbeing to keep the bone free from disease. Poor nutrition, the lack of exercise, and tobacco use are just a few of the unhealthy habits that effect bone health. Even some medications can harm the bones. The pharmaceutical companies would not dare preach about bone health or medication risks because they might lose billions in revenues. But, I dare to preach about bone health along with women's health. Join me.


    I am Christina Lasich, MD. I specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I am a woman. I am built differently than a man. And I am here to talk straight about osteoporosis and answer any questions that you might have. I am here. I am listening. And I can put you on the right road.

Published On: January 25, 2010