Green Calcium and Yummy Recipes

  • Everyone is talking about "going green". Eco-friendly items include: "green" cars, "green" washing machines, and even "green" carpet. Such a fad can leave you green with envy. Going green does not have to be just about saving the environment, going green can be about improving your bone health with green calcium. What's that? You did not know that calcium was green? Well, it is when it comes in green vegetables.


    Some vegetables are full of calcium and other important nutrients for healthy, strong bones like Magnesium. Some of the best greens with high contents of calcium include: Brussels Sprouts, Beet Greens, Broccoli, and Okra. What's that? All of these vegetables make you gag? Well, maybe you need to find a better way to cook them. Finding tasty recipes can help you breakthrough the barrier between foods that are good for you and foods that you love to eat. 

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    The best source for finding yummy recipes to prepare green sources of calcium is in Molly Katzen's cookbook called "The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without". Using this cookbook, even my husband will eat Brussels Sprouts. I also love her recipe for "Complete Beets" which uses the entire beets including the beet greens which are loaded with calcium. And the recipes for broccoli a far superior to my mother's steamed broccoli that was pure mush. (Sorry Mom.) Heck, with all this green calcium, who needs the giant horse-sized calcium supplement tablet to gag on.


    Going green is a great choice for improving not only bone health, but general health as well. Just consider how many individuals have dairy sensitivities or are just plain lactose intolerant. For these individuals, the dairy sources of calcium can lead to all sorts of ailments. Some people may not even realize that their fatigue, stomach upset or chronic pains are related to the continued consumption of dairy products. Besides, all that animal fat found in dairy products is just plain bad for your health. Consider going green to improve your health.


    Green vegetables are not the only way to find vegan sources of calcium. Many other natural sources of calcium exist in food chain. Beans, seeds, nuts, and tofu; all are loaded with protein and calcium. With so many alternative calcium choices, there is no excuse for reaching for the butter, milk and cheese. Sorry happy California cows, we are going green.


Published On: November 28, 2010