10 Strategies to Reduce Your Drug-Associated Risk of Falling

  • The list of side effects caused by many drugs usually includes dizziness as an unwanted effect. Drugs that make you dizzy can also make you to go BOOM! The falling is a major hazard for anyone with fragile bones from osteoporosis. Some of the most commonly prescribed drugs that provoke dizziness and increase your risk of falling include the drugs used to treat insomnia (the inability to sleep), depression, high blood pressure, and pain. If you are experiencing dizziness, please consult with your doctor and read this list of strategies that can reduce your drug-associated risk of falling.


    Eliminate the Drugs You Do Not Need: If you walk around with a laundry list of all the medications that you take, please go over it with your doctor in order to make sure each one is absolutely necessary.

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    Take the Drug that Makes You Dizzy at Bedtime: By taking a medication at bedtime, sometimes you can sleep through the side effects yet still get the lasting benefits from the drug.


    Avoid Drinking Alcohol: So many drugs interact with alcohol and that interaction may cause additional drowsiness or dizziness.


    Drink Plenty of Water: Some medication can cause dehydration, others need water to clear out of the system; thus, it is a good idea to drink plenty of water in order to avoid the potential dizziness caused by dehydration or the drug.


    Use A Night Light: Especially if you take a drug that causes dizziness at bedtime, you will want to have a little light in your pathway when it is time to carefully make your way to the bathroom.


    Install Grab Bars: Once in the bathroom, you might find it helpful to install some grab bars to hold onto and keep you from falling onto the floor.


    Move Slowly: Slow, thoughtful movements are less likely to result in a fall rather than careless, fast movements.


    Remove Clutter from Pathways: Believe it or not some people are surrounded by too much clutter that can block the pathways around the house; even an old rug can snag a toe and cause you to go BOOM!


    Use A Trekking Pole or Walking Stick: A little extra support and balance can be provided by assistive devices like trekking poles, walking sticks, canes or walkers because it is better to be safe than sorry you did not use the one collecting dust in your closet.


    Improve Your Balance: The ability to maintain your balance is a use-it-or-loss-it type of skill; with a little practice, you can improve your balance and your chances of being able to avoid a fall.


Published On: March 14, 2012