Why Bones Matter

  • Despite all of our best efforts to educate and raise awareness about osteoporosis, many people do not seem to care about their bones. These folks seem to have better things to do than to take calcium supplements and Vitamin D. They don't exercise and some even smoke. Bone health just does not seem to be a priority for some men and women.


    I can name 206 reasons why bone health is important because each and every one of the 206 bones in our body serves a purpose. As a whole, the skeletal system is just as valuable as our circulatory system, our nervous system and our digestive system. In fact, all of these systems rely on the bones in one way or another.

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    The most obvious way that we rely on our skeletal system is for movement. If it was not for the bones, the muscles would have nothing to work with. Just ask an amoeba that has no bones at all, they don't get around very much or very fast. Without our bones, we would also look like blobs of amoebas. Each and every one of our 206 bones provides the frame for our shapely bodies.  Bones matter because they provide a solid framework for our shape and our movement.


    Our skeletal system is also vital for protecting all of our vulnerable organs like the heart, liver, lungs, stomach, spleen, and, of course, our brain. Without your skull, if you bumped your head, you'd likely perish. Without your ribs, if you fell down, you'd likely perish. Without your pelvis...well, you get the picture. Bones matter because they provide a shield of protection from all your bumps and bruises.


    Maintaining good bone health is also vital for your entire body because 99% of the calcium in the body is stored in the bones. Calcium is critical for the nerves, the muscles, and the heart to function properly. When more calcium is needed, some special bone cells called the osteoclasts are signaled to release more into the system; thereby maintaining a perfect balance of calcium. Bones matter because they are our calcium banks.


    And if these reasons aren't enough for you to start taking better care of your bones, listen to this final reason. Your bones are the nursery for all of the blood cells in the body. The bone marrow produces roughly 230 billion red blood cells per day. Because these oxygen carrying blood cells only live for four months, your bones are always needed to resupply the blood with these vital cells that keep everything alive. The bones also produce those white blood cells in your immune system that keep you from getting sick.  The cell producing section in the bones is called the bone marrow. It is your nursery and is worth caring for, just ask anyone who has had a bone marrow transplant lately. Bones matter because they are the nursery of life.


    Life as we know it is not possible without our bones. So wake up people and pay attention to your bone health. When bad things happen to your bones like osteoporosis, trauma and cancer, your life will cease to exist as you know it. Don't take your health or any of your 206 bones for granted.


Published On: April 26, 2012