10 Easy Exercises to Improve Bone Health and Prevent Injuries

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  • 5 Easy Exercises to Improve Bone Health

    1. Do a standing push-up by placing your hands shoulder-width apart on a wall and slowly bend only at the elbows to lower yourself towards thewall and push away.

    2. Do bicep curls as you watch television by using something around thehome for weight, e.g. soup cans or milk jugs with water in them.

    3. Do standing calf raises anytime by simply lifting and lowering your body onto the balls of your feet.

    4. Do a stationary squat by leaning against a wall with your feetshoulder-width apart. Lower your body until your legs are parallel tothe floor. Make sure your knees don’t go past your toes.

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    5. Do lunges during commercial breaks – you can hold a chair to maintain your balance.

    5 Simple Exercises to Help Prevent Injury

    1. Sides and Spine: Extend both arms overhead.Interlock your fingers and bend slowly to your left, using your leftarm to gently pull the right arm over your head and towards the ground. Repeat on opposite side.

    2. Hip Flexor/Quadriceps: Standing with a support for balance, like a holding onto a chair, bendone knee while holding your ankle or foot. Point your bent knee towardthe floor. Repeat this stretch using the opposite leg.

    3. Lower Back: Lay on your back on the floor and lift your knees up toward your chest. Place your hands behind your thighs and pull both knees to your chest for a nice stretch in your lower back.

    4. Shoulders: Pull your arm straight across in front of your chest and push it into your chest with your other arm. Repeat using opposite arm.

    5. Chest: Stand beside a wall with your arm straight out to the side and place your hand on the wall. Bend your elbow slightly then rotate your body away from your hand. Try to keep your shoulder back and your chest up.

Published On: February 23, 2007