Practical Ways to Prevent Falls

Rose Chon Health Guide
  • The following tips can help you avoid falls.


    Take care of yourself


    • Be sure your diet contains the recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D
    • Exercise to minimize bone loss, improve strength, and balance. Try to engage in weight-bearing exercises.
    • Eliminate smoking and excessive alcohol use which cause bone loss and increase your risk for a fracture.


    Make your home safe


    • Remove raised doorway thresholds, throw rugs, and clutter
    • Repair loose stairway rugs or boards
    • Keep electrical and telephone cords out of walking paths
    • Install a night-lights in areas such as hallways and bathrooms
    • Do not stand on unsteady stools, chairs, ladders, etc.
    • Use nonskid floor wax
    • Clean up spills, dropped food, etc, from the floor immediately

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    Prevent falls when bathing


    • Install grab bars on the walls around the around the bathtub
    • Use a long-handled brush or mittens with straps to help with bathing
    • Place slip-resistant rugs inside the shower/tub and next to the bathtub for safe exit and entry
    • Use shower chairs or bath benches


    Prevent outdoor falls

    • Use a cane or walker as needed
    • Walk on the grass when the sidewalks are slippery
    • Sprinkle salt or cat litter on slippery steps and sidewalks if you live somewhere where there is snow or ice in the winter





Published On: March 05, 2007