October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Pam Flores @phflores Health Guide
  •    Your life will never be exactly the same as it was prior to cancer; you've simply been through too much, both physically, and emotionally. The following posts will help you navigate life after cancer: the good (better health and a new outlook), the bad (recurrence), and everything in between.  PJ Hamel


    The vast majority of breast issues don't involve cancer. From normal changes involved with your monthly cycle, to harmless (though potentially painful) cysts, to simple infections and skin rashes, changes you notice in your breasts can be irritating and painful, but rarely are they cancer symptoms.  PJ Hamel

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    Cancer is a huge kick in the gut. It takes awhile to catch your breath, start to absorb the fact that you have a potentially life-threatening illness... pull your socks up, and move forward.

    The following posts will help you as you move past diagnosis; and get ready to make a whole series of decisions about treatment.  PJ Hamel


    These are just a few of the great pieces of advice that you'll get from our Sister Site; MyBreastCancerNetwork.com over the next month, to help you navigate this diagnosis and become more comfortable with awareness and acceptance.


    Here's a list of articles you'll enjoy reading:

    Benefit from reading the following articles from PJ Hamel and Phyllis Johnson our intrepid writers at MyBreastCancerNetwork.com


    Thanks ladies for all the hard work you do!


Published On: October 03, 2011