Count Down to World Osteoporosis Day: The Unbreakable Embrace

Pam Flores @phflores Health Guide
  • The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is using social media to connect those around the world that are fighting osteoporosis and finding ways to prevent it.  This year the campaign will center on healthy lifestyle changes and targeting a younger audience.  Most of us feel osteoporosis is an older person's disease, but unfortunately that isn't the case all the time.  We have a variety of childhood and young adult forms of bone loss, so it makes sense to speak to these age groups about how to incorporate the necessary supplements, exercise and lifestyle changes while they can still have a great affect on their bone mass.

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    The IOF has a fantastic campaign for World Osteoporosis Day on October 20.  See what the IOF has to say about this below to start your involvement in this campaign and dedication to work towards attaining strong healthy bones.


    The IOF has an online campaign (, called The Unbreakable Embrace, allows people to upload photos of themselves onto a Face book application. Once uploaded, the images are automatically linked with others in a dynamic banner called the ‘unbreakable embrace'

    Additionally, IOF will be streaming live video from eight official sites on World Osteoporosis Day - Dubai, Caracas, Geneva, Toronto, Washington, Sydney and Singapore. Each site will stream World Osteoporosis Day activities at 2.06 pm local time. This is to reflect that there are 206 bones in the human body.


    90% of bone mass is reached by the age of 19 and peak mass arrives around the age of 30.  If we do everything we need to build strong bones while they are in the construction phase, we'll be able to effectively fight bone loss if it occurs later on. 


    We have groups, along with the IOF and NOF that are geared to the younger group like Best Bones Forever, and they're doing a fantastic job getting the word out, that it's time to stop thinking of bone loss and osteoporosis as a disease for someone much older.  If we can accomplish one thing within awareness, the best thing will be to drive this point home, so we don't hear about kids putting off bone health till they are their parents or grandparents age.


    The odd thing is, Rickets aka osteomalacia, was a disease that was decreasing for the last two hundred years, but now it's on the incline for the first time in hundreds of years.  Why is that?  We could blame it on the lack of physical activity due to the onslaught of electronics: computers, cell phones, computer games, etc., etc. 


    I hope you will all join me to show our support and log onto Facebook and upload your picture to start the process.


    Osteoporosis is a silent disease and sometimes we don't find out we have it, until we break a bone.  To prevent this, take action now at whatever age you are.  Here's a video that explains the silence behind this deadly but treatable disease.  The best way to find out about your bone health is to have a DXA scan to determine your bone density score.



Published On: October 10, 2011