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  • May is Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention month, and we would like to do something special for the readers.  American Bone Health (ABH) has a wonderful campaign going that is perfect for us to show our bone strength and dedication to bone health and education.


    Here is what we’d like to do, to show our commitment to our health, bones and lifestyle.




    1) Grab a camera or camera phone and go to a local landmark. In California, for example, you could take a picture by the Spanish Steps at Rodeo Drive or Greystone Park. Think big and small—the landmark could range from something nationally known like Santa Monica Boulevard to something more personal like a neighborhood park, a school, or your office.

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    2) Take a picture of yourself flexing your muscles in front of the landmark.

    3) Dress it up: Write something to go along with the picture that says what you’re doing and where you’re doing it, such as “This National Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month, I’m American Bone Health Strong in Beverly Hills, California!” The goal is to get pictures from as many states as possible.

    4) Share it! Post the picture on American Bone Health’s Facebook page (don’t forget to “like” the page and “share” your post), tweet it as a TwitPic (use the hashtag #ABHstrong so American Bone Health can find and retweet it), and post it on your blogs or websites. If you post the picture to your own Facebook page, be sure to tag American Bone Health with the @ symbol (you’ll need to “like” it first) so your friends will know where to go to learn more.


    We are concerned with our bone health, and this is an easy way to show our commitment and help others to be more aware of this disease.


    Most think of osteoporosis or bone loss as an older person’s disease but, it isn’t.  Children can have Idiopathic Juvenile Osteoporosis (IJO), Rickets and Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  Pregnant mothers and young men and women can have Transient Migratory OsteoporosisTMO affects much younger patients; so we see this isn’t a disease just for the elderly.


    When we are aware of an illness, we can become more proactive in its treatment and prevention.  Awareness is extremely important for patients just learning about bone loss, or trying to prevent it before it starts to decrease their bone mineral density.


    Won’t you help us by posting a picture on ABH’s Facebook page or on Twitter to show your interest in osteoporosis awareness and prevention?


    I want to thank you for posting a picture, because it will live on Facebook and Twitter for future visitors and for those just learning about this devastating disorder.


    For more information:  Visit AmericanBoneHealth.org web site, or contact the Bone Health Hotline at 888-266-3015.







    Get American Bone Health strong with us! (n.d.).  Retrieved from http://www.americanbonehealth.org/whats-new/447-get-american-bone-health-strong-with-us


    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:


    Walking in the high desert for bone health.



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Published On: May 19, 2012