American Bone Health Strong Campaign for Osteoporosis Prevention and Awareness Month

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  • Health Central would like to welcome Kathleen Cody, the Executive Director of American Bone Health and the Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education.  FORE is a California-based research organization focusing on the needs of the medical community to support osteoporosis detection, treatment and prevention.  American Bone Health is a community-based, chapter-driven national health organization providing support and education to the public to promote bone health throughout the life span and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures through detection, treatment and prevention.


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    Ms. Cody will explain the ABH campaign for Osteoporosis Prevention and Awareness Month.  Welcome Ms. Cody!



    Show the world that you are American Bone Health Strong

    By: Kathleen Cody, Executive Director, American Bone Health


    Physical activity and consuming foods with calcium and vitamin D are well known keys to healthy bones. While health professionals have long promoted these to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis, the disease continues to affect more and more people every year. In honor of National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month, American Bone Health is delivering an old message in a new way -with a fun photo challenge: American Bone Health Strong.


    Are you a newly diagnosed patient with osteoporosis?

    Are you in a treatment program?

    Do you have kids or grandkids in their bone building years?

    Will you help to improve bone health in your community?


    American Bone Health is community-based and volunteer-fueled and is prepared to support you. This month, we are challenging women and men, boys and girls to put a spotlight on bone health and osteoporosis and show that they’re American Bone Health Strong!


    Join us by taking photographs of bone healthy activities and show your bone strength in front of local landmarks. Share these photos with us and the world on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites.


    If you’re ready to prove that you are American Bone Health Strong, follow these instructions:

    1)      Grab a camera or camera phone and go to a local landmark. In California, for example, you could take a picture by the Spanish Steps at Rodeo Drive or Greystone Park. Think big and small—the landmark could range from something nationally known like Santa Monica Boulevard to something more personal like a neighborhood park, school, gym, or your office.

    2)      Take a picture of yourself flexing your muscles in front of the landmark.

    3)      Dress it up: Write something to go along with the picture that says what you’re doing and where you’re doing it, such as “This National Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month, I’m American Bone Health Strong in Orlando, Florida!”

    4)      Share it! Post the picture on American Bone Health’s Facebook page (don’t forget to “like” the page and “share” your post), tweet it as a TwitPic (use the hashtag #ABHstrong so American Bone Health can find and retweet it), and post it on your blogs or websites. If you post the picture to your own Facebook page, be sure to tag American Bone Health with the @ symbol (you’ll need to “like” it first) so your friends will know where to go to learn more.


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    To find out how to help improve bone health awareness and behaviors in your community, visit American Bone Health’s website to volunteer or find bone health resources.




    We would like to thank Kathleen Cody, for explaining the American Bone Health organizations’ campaign, for Osteoporosis Prevention and Awareness Month.  I’m sure our readers will show their support by taking a picture of their bone health activity and uploading it to the ABH Facebook page and Twitter. 

Published On: May 25, 2012