The IOF’s “Capture the Fracture” Campaign for Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

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  • Each year 2 million bones break! 


    Join 2 Million 2 Many  from the National Bone Health Alliance and the International Osteoporosis Foundations’ Capture the Fracture Campaigns, to show your support for this devastating attack on healthy bones this Osteoporosis Prevention and Awareness Month. 


    Osteoporosis is called the silent epidemic because most don’t know they have bone loss until they break a bone, due to the symptomless nature of this bone stealer.  In addition to the astronomical number of fractures each year, we also have fractures that go undiagnosed due to a lack of awareness and public education.  Many of us live with arthritis pain, old joint and bone injuries, and as a result of this we can overlook pain that may signal a fracture.  If you suffer from occasional or ongoing back, joint and hip pain don’t ignore it, have your doctor check it out.  You may have osteopenia or osteoporosis and not even know.  Those who have fractures and don’t seek medical treatment end up with old fractures that can’t be treated which can result in loss of height, forward curvature of the spine also know as a dowagers hump, abdominal and lung compression which is a serious problem that needs medical attention as soon as possible.

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    To explain further, let’s hear about the International Osteoporosis Foundations Capture the Facture Campaign to halt this cycle of ongoing undetected fractures.



    “Worldwide, there is a large care gap that is leaving millions of fracture patients at serious risk of future fractures.  ‘Capture the Fracture’ hopes to close this gap and make secondary fracture prevention a reality.”



    • A prior fracture almost doubles a patient’s future fracture risk.
    • Half of patients presenting with hip fractures have suffered a prior fracture.
    • Despite their risk of future fractures, the majority of fragility fracture patients are neither assessed, nor treated to reduce fracture risk.
    • To achieve a significant reduction in future fracture rates and resulting health care costs, healthcare systems must target those patients who have already suffered a fracture, as they are the ones at highest risk for future fractures.


    • Organize an international coalition to provide consensus on effective models of care for the prevention of secondary fractures.
    • Develop a Best Practice Framework for secondary fracture prevention that can be adapted to diverse healthcare systems.
    • Create an online educational portal to serve as a primary resource for the international community.  The online portal will highlight the work of organizations around the world onto a global stage, providing examples that can facilitate the success of future programmes.
    • Provide online national toolkits in country and language specific format.  Clinical sites will be able to access these toolkits to facilitate the development of their programmes.
    • Produce an interactive online map on which all qualified applicants will have the opportunity to highlight their systems.
    • Develop a grant programme to aid clinical systems around the world which require financial assistance to develop their coordinated systems of care.

    For more information on this campaign contact the International Osteoporosis Foundation at: 9 rue Juste-Olivier ◦ CH-1260 Nyon ◦ Switzerland ◦ T +41 22 994 01 00 ◦ F +41 22 994 01 01


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  Osteoporosis Prevention and Awareness Campaign tells us:



    Don’t let this silent disease shatter more lives. If we let osteoporosis keep hiding, we’re giving it a chance to break us bone by bone. If you or someone you care about breaks a bone after age 50, ask your doctor for a simple osteoporosis test. It’s the most important step you can take to keeping your bones healthy and strong for as long as possible.


    This month is Osteoporosis Prevention and Awareness Month, so do all you can to reduce the number of fractures that occur, by implementing The International Osteoporosis Foundations’ Capture the Fracture Campaign.  If you have any painful symptoms in the area of the spine or hip, don’t wait to see your doctor for assessment and treatment.  These fragility fractures can occur from something as simple as a cough, bending forward, stepping off a curb or lifting something slightly heavy, so protect your bones from these types of simple movements today so you’ll know you will forever be Osteoporosis Aware!






Published On: May 31, 2012