Calming Holiday Crafts for Fracture Pain & Stress

Pam Flores @phflores Health Guide




    Many of us have sustained fractures from osteoporosis, and are dealing with crutches, walkers or the inability to get around easily.  For those of us with this predicament, you need to find something soothing to ease the stress, pain and worry over your physical limitations during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Crocheting, knitting, needlepoint and baking will help to keep your mind off the pain and problems from not being able to shop.


    If you are already a crafty person, why not turn your handiwork into gifts?  Make a list, of the craft items you’ll need.  Order online, or have a family member go to a local craft store to get all you need.  Be sure to tell your helper what color of thread, yarn or other items you’ll need, so you aren’t stuck with something you really didn’t want. 

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    I’m starting a needlepoint project.  I know it’s a little late but I’m sure I’ll get it done before Christmas arrives.  We also have Thanksgiving coming up and I’ll be baking, with the help of some friends, so I can bring my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner.  I picked a recipe I’ve made a dozens of times, so I know how it will turn out, providing nothing goes wrong.  If you should run into an over-baked crust or other disasters, you can always cut it into samples for the guests to try while waiting on dinner. 


    If you are taking medication for osteoporosis you may be dealing with joint pain, so hand crafts may be too difficult.  If this is something you’re worried about, try cooking something simple that doesn’t require long stints of standing, stirring and put a bar stool in the kitchen so you can sit periodically during your cooking.  A bar stool is a constant fixture in our house, for this very reason.  You can also get the type on wheels to move it around; but be careful if you chose this kind, since they move easily.  Some bar stools have locks on the wheels so you may want to look for these, through a medical supply store or order through the mail.  Many of these companies give discounts on 2 day shipping, so look into that option.


    We hope these pain-reliving hints help you through Thanksgiving and Christmas and that your fracture pain is declining, as you heal.

Published On: November 21, 2012